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The common view of 3D printing is that it is a MAGIC WAY TO MAKE ANYTHING!

But, surprise! it’s not magic, and in fact takes careful planning to come work properly. Not all 3D designs can print, and not all prints will come out the way you hope or expect. When deciding if your model is able to print, you need to keep certain considerations in mind for the best – or even possible – results. Learn those considerations here so your prints are more likely to turn out the way you hope.

What makes a great 3D print?

Just because you can create a 3D image doesn’t mean your object will print properly, or even print at all. Understanding how a printer thinks and operates will give you a better idea of what you need to do before sending your design to become a reality. 

When your design is finalized it becomes a 3D model, ready to go to the print software and then to the printer. But there are some steps you need to take for something to become a model. We won’t go into the material sciences or the physics much, but you will learn in the next lesson about orienting your model to reduce the need for supports, what is a raft or a brim, and what is happening inside the model as it prints so you can plan accordingly.

Lesson One: What is 3D Modeling
Lesson Two: Modeling Using Tinkercad
Lesson Three: Using Sketchfab
Lesson Four: Intro to 3D Printing
Lesson Five: More 3D Printing
Lesson Six: 3D Printing Pro Tips
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