Green Day – “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

This song is in duple meter. The rhythm of the song is kept by the strumming of an acoustic guitar at the opening, and throughout the song (Starting at about 0:47) a bass guitar and drums are present.

The song’s dynamic changes from quiet to quite loud, and back several times (depending on what part of the song is playing). When the lead singer sings the lines that begin with, “I walk a lonely road…”, “read between the lines…” — the dynamic is on the quieter side. Beginning with the line, “My shadow’s the only one who walks beside me” (and for the next three lines) the dynamic is noticeably louder.

The actual melody is emphasized by the tune played (and repeated) by the electric guitar throughout the song

Throughout the song, there are several accompaniments:
1) The echoing guitar
2) During the louder dynamic(s), the electric guitar plays loudly as an accompaniment
3) There is some piano accompaniment throughout the song (mostly in the background)
4) The electric guitar plays several two-note (chords?) after the singer has completed a line (at certain points throughout the song).

Instrumentation/Timbre :
The song has a haunted sounding timbre in the beginning, it sounds like something from the past that has collected dust. This morphs into something more vibrant throughout the song, although the hue I imagine is one with more faded colors — it feels a little retro.

At certain parts of the song, the timbre is more energetic (like the chorus parts).


Part A starts at 0:24 and lasts until 1:12…
at which point Part B [chorus] begins (1:13) and lasts until 1:35…
…then there is a recovery period (for lack of vocabulary….) from 1:35 until 1:45…
where Part A comes back from 1:46 until  2:25…
at which point we can welcome Part B [chorus] again (2:26) which lasts until 2:47…
again, there is a “recovery” period from 2:48 – 2:57…
and Part B comes back on at 2:58 (without words) until 3:22…
at 3:23, Part A returns for 10 seconds (until 3:33)…
and Part B comes back at 3:34 and lasts until 3:58…
where Part C enters (3:58ish) and lasts until the song is over.

2 thoughts on “Green Day – “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

  1. Jeffrey Restrepo

    I would like to say that the electric guitar accompaniment seems to be playing on a major scale throughout most of the song giving the some an energetic feel (as you stated) until about 3:58 where it takes a turn into the minor scale to give it a more haunting feel to finish.

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