Shakira- “Waka Waka”

This song has a very upbeat style, and the main phrase “waka waka” has been repeated a significant number of times to emphasize its importance (“waka waka” means “do it” in African language). The music has a duple meter, with an allegro tempo. Since it incorporates the use of drums to produce a very strong accompaniment, its texture is homophonic. There is a major change at 1’04, as a cymbal-like instrument is introduced to add more variation to the melody. Furthermore, the new vocalist at 2’12 generates a unique kind of exotic sensation to its listeners.

5 thoughts on “Shakira- “Waka Waka”

  1. Yung Shon

    Ah, the World Cup 2010! This song is definitely upbeat and bright, with major key. I especially liked the chorus of the african lady, I think it enhances the overall theme of the song, which is to unite people in such an event like the first World Cup in Africa.

  2. Jian Wu

    Even though I never understand half the song that weren’t in English, this was one of the most catchy songs I have heard. You can hear all the different kinds instruments used going with the singers voice.

  3. Michael Polgur

    I always thought this song was hilarious because I have no idea what they’re saying! Now I know lol.
    I like that you described the timbre/feeling as “exotic”… I thought “tropical” which is almost a synonym in terms of the feeling. Nice post.

  4. Amy Zeng

    I have always been a fan of Shakira. This song of hers, even though I wasn’t sure what she was saying at some parts of the song, the song left a really good feeling to it. I do agree that it has a very upbeat tone to it. It makes you happy and I think this would go great as a song for a dance.

  5. Anisa Sapiqoti

    This was probably the best World Cup song ever and I love how she incorporated the football/ soccer players into the video. I would just like to point out that on 1:11 another instrument is introduced. I believe its the xylophone or something similar to it. Again great song choice! 🙂

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