Lupe Fiasco – “Hip-Hop Saved My Life”

Rhythm :

The song is in duple meter. The song has a syncopated clapping sound and chords playing in between the beat.


The main melody is carried by the vocals during the verse and chorus. The accompaniment, played by piano, strings, and percussion instruments is in a minor key.


The tone of the music is this song sounds striking.The melody from the piano keys pounds into your head.


The song has only one main melody playing at a time, so it is homophonic.


The song is moderately loud.


The song is in ternary (ABA) form. The song starts with the chorus for the A part, the verse is the B part, then ends with the chorus.


2 thoughts on “Lupe Fiasco – “Hip-Hop Saved My Life”

  1. Justin Milano

    That’s a good song.
    It has a presto tempo. I’m not sure if there is syncopation since the clapping seems to occur on the 2nd beat and the downbeat and not between beats or on a weak beat. Good song!


    This is a good song, and I like how you describe it categorically but I am just curios on what do you think about how the singers sings the song. How would you describe their pitch? Is there any difference how the Lupe sings it, and how the girl does?

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