Yanni- “Nightingale”


yanni-“nightingale” is a duple meter. The tempo of the piece remains constant and moderato. The rhythm is played with piano, flute, and strings.

The flute solos the introduction of piece (0:02-0:056) with a bright tone, and in high pitch. Then, the piano is introduced(0:57), and starts playing the main melody. The strings are introduced at 1:06, playing together with the piano. Sometimes they play all together, sometimes they take turns to solo, sometimes they become each others’ accompaniments.

The texture of the piece is homophonic since there is only one main melody, the the rest are repetitions and accompaniments.

The form of the piece can be described as binary Form. Although there is an obvious change in way they perform from 3:40- 4:30, it is still playing the B section since it is still about the main melody. In the A section(0:02-0:56), the bright tone of the flute leads us to a wonderland. Then, at the beginning of section B, the Piano seems drags me back to reality and start hearing them telling the mystic story.


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  1. Karen Lu

    I like the symphony a lot because it has a very beautiful and comforting melody, and I am particularly captivated by the session played by the violin. I think you could do some further analysis on the instruments that have been used, and how they are combined together to generate the effects and feelings that are brought to the audience


    I feel that this piece is in major scale especially when the flute is playing, it feels exotic, calming and sounds bright like you said, then at 4:13 when the violin play the main melody accompanied by the cellos, the sound was bright as well.


    Great song choice. This piece is definitely playing on a major scale due to the clarity and notes that the instruments play. You should be more specific about which instruments is playing the main melody, describe the melody (high/low frequency), and specify the dynamic of the piece.

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