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Fredrick Chopin’s Piano Concert Review


  • Chopin Etude Op. 25 Number 1
  • Nocturne in C Op. 27 Number 1


  • Baruch Performing Arts Center NY


  • New York Piano Society


The first etude of Op. 25 set was soft, A Flat Major theme. It carries out the melody and plays the arpeggiated grace notes smoothly. After following multiple variations and modulations, the original melody returns and the piece finishes with a series of upward arpeggios. This Piece was published in 1837 and was a painted melody picture of his life during that time. Also, during this time period Chopin recently had his engagement called off by his fiancés mother. His music portrayed his emotions.

Chopin’s Nocturne in C sharp minor (the first) was composed in variety. The piece contains a calm deep melody that could be seen as being the mood of night and mystery. Suddenly, a change occurs to violent music that is passionate and of a different meter and tempo.


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Outsider – “Hypnotism” (Feat. K.Will)

Hypnotism is played in a semi-fast tempo. The song stays with the same tempo and speed until it hits the chorus. Outsider raps extremely fast which is why one could mistake the tempo for increasing after K.Will (Singer) does the chorus. With the claps it’s apparent where the down beat is and because of that you can tell very easily that the song is in duple meter.

Throughout the song, Outsider (rapper) raps vary in length, even though there are only 8 beats per measure the amount of lyrics he says or “Spits” is clearly different due to his speed. It’s clear that there in fact a violin accompanying the piano but it’s playing alongside the melody rather than having a melody of its own, therefore the song is a homophony.

Also, when listening to the song you can hear that there are 4 chords constantly played by the Piano. The Piano is clearly the main melody to this song and it’s repeated throughout the whole song. It also seems as though the song is being played in minor because if gives off that gloomy, sad feeling throughout.


"I agree, the song is very easy to follow and you can completely tell that its in Ternary Form because it follows the "ABA" format."
posted on Mar 2, 2013, on the post Cold Mailman – “My Recurring Dream”

"The Song is in triple meter."
posted on Mar 2, 2013, on the post Digital Mystikz- Anti War Dub