Joseph Ambalo Interview

Yaakov: Hello and welcome to this weeks “Peace, Love, and Hummus” interview with a hummus lover. This week we have our special guest, Joseph Ambalo. Joseph Ambalo is 20 years old and he works in real-estate development while studying business-management at touro college. What his real-estate clients don’t know about him is that he is a hummus lover. Joseph tell us where your love of hummus comes from? 

Joseph: Happy to be here to spread peace love and hummus. My love for hummus comes from my israeli background. I have friends and family in Israel and spend much time over there. As your blog community must know, Israel is famous for its hummus. Israel and hummus to me are synonymous.

Yaakov: Very interesting! Now tell me Joseph what is the best hummus joint you have been to in israel and why?

Joseph: Well Yaakov, i think hummus eliyahu in tel aviv has to be my favorite. It is open all night and it is located next to all of the bars. Nothing better than indulging in hummus after a night out drinking.

Yaakov: I couldn’t agree more, now i’m wondering what makes a perfect bowl of hummus in your opinion. 

Joseph: To me a perfect bowl of hummus must have a creamy consistency, a kick of spice, and a fresh hard boiled egg. 

Yaakov: Thank you for your insights Joseph! Keep spreading love and peace through hummus and catch us next time for another interview.