Astor Place Neighborhood by Rich Koos

Astor place is a thriving business community on the outside, with thousands of people walking in and out, but is it really thriving? If you look at the clientele on the streets it is high class suits, dresses, jewelry and cars. But the streets show a different story. Among the glamor is many closed businesses and impoverished people in the streets.

One comment

  1. Some excellent street shots giving a real flavor of this neighborhood. If you look carefully, you will see there’s a preponderance of people alone – sitting, walking, standing. It certainly says something about the neighborhood. Is that the message you’re trying to convey? If not, we need to see interactions between individuals, groups of people, hanging out, participating in activities, events.

    There’s a good shot from below of young people and spray cans of paint. But I want to see people using the spray cans. In other words, make the photos more active.

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