Accepting Deviant Behavior

Deviance is the act of behaving in an unacceptable manner.  Deviant behavior is frowned upon and even shunned but it happens all the time and even in front of us.  The video I posted is a group of teenagers who are acting up in the mall.  As shown, people are trying to avoid them, look at them the wrong way, and probably even comment about how stupid they are behaving.

I believe we can all say that at certain times in our lives we’ve all shown deviant behavior.  I remember back when I was in high school, after dismissal we would all get together and commute together and the things we would do were outrageous.  In the train we would all wrestle and box in front of other passengers and just behave reckless all around.  At times the passengers would switch to another train cart but most of the time they would just stay there and mind their own business, that was the fascinating part.

That last point goes back to the title of the blog post.  Deviant behavior is so common in our society that it is naturally accepted.  In the video, the two girls were clearly disrupting the public area in front of a security guard and he didn’t even make an effort to stop them.  Deviant behavior is so common that instead of trying to stop it or just make a big fuss about it, the public eye just turns the other way and continue on with what their agenda has in store for them as if nothing ever happened.

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