Changing Deviant Behavior

In chapter 8, we discussed the idea of defining deviance. Deviance refers to socially disapproved behavior.  We are taught growing up how to act in a “proper” manner in order to not be viewed as a deviant. For example we are taught how to properly eat, act, and walk in a private and public setting and how to differentiate from the two. Growing up all these different mannerisms are thrown at us and we are suppose to accept them and put them into effect.

I chose the video posted above because I thought it was interesting. Looking at this video now, must of us may view it as ridiculous. Young girls in the 50s-60s were shown this video, not only in order to make them act a certain way, but also to make them feel bad for not doing so in the first place. The idea of this video is not all that ridiculous. Today we are not shown videos that directly tell us how to act. But we are shown things on TV and see things from the people around us that tell us how we should act. We are also shown that if we don’t act in a certain way we will be socially rejected or even reprimanded by the law.

The idea of deviance is very controversial. It is difficult to know whether to do certain things and if they will be considered deviant. I think that as long as you follow what YOU believe is right and have inner peace, it shouldn’t matter what society says. But of course that’s easier said then done.

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