Weissman Peer Career Tips – An Interview with Kenia Torres, English and Philosophy (Double) Major, Class of 2024

Welcome back Weissman Bearcats! This week I had the opportunity to interview Kenia Torres, a Weissman student double-majoring in English and Philosophy who is set to graduate this semester. Kenia provided valuable insight on her experience navigating college and the work world with a Weissman degree:

Why did you choose to be an English major? Why did you choose to double major with Philosophy as opposed to minoring? 

I chose to major in English because my strengths have always pertained to reading and writing and those are also two things I really enjoy. I wanted to pursue a major(s) that I would have a good time in, both presently and in my future career. I did not want to just pick a major based on how much money I would earn in the future, although that is something I learned overtime and after switching my major a few times. I chose to declare Philosophy as a major as opposed to minoring because I really wanted a deep exploration of the subject which you do not fully get in a minor.

How was your internship search? What internships have you completed? 

I actually got really lucky with landing an internship and did not have to do much searching. There are a lot of amazing professors in the English Department that are constantly sending us internship opportunities with different publishing houses and magazines, and I happened to be part of a publishing class where we were matched to different companies. That semester I interned at FSG as part of their editorial department.

Any tips for navigating internship and job hunting?

I think being open to different possibilities during the job search process is my biggest tip. While looking for a job I try to focus on what allows me to use my writing and critical thinking skills which I have developed through my majors, even if the job itself is not completely related to what I studied and that covers a wide range of fields.

What field(s)do you plan to get into once you graduate? 

I am currently looking to go into teaching or publishing. I love writing and I love talking about it and seeing other people develop their own pieces that they are proud of, so I think teaching is something I would be good at.

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-Mashal Burney, Peer for Career

P.S. Weissman students who wish to complete double majors within the arts and sciences disciplines must file two separate major/specialization forms. Click here for more information.

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