City Harvest – Canned Food Drive

City Harvest is hard at work at providing victims of Hurricane Sandy and food pantries with food and other supplies. Baruch students are encouraged to help out with donations of canned food. Simply bring your donation to the Starr Career Development Center of the second floor NVC – we’ll take care of everything.

City Harvest is in particular need of:

Shelf Stable Milk Boxed Juice
Baby Food and Formula Cereal
Packaged Granola Bars Instant Coffee, Hot Chocolate
Ready to Eat Meals with pop tarts like stews, soup Pop-top proteins like beans, tuna, salmon
Other Canned Food Peanut Butter & Jelly in plastic containers

Building a Career in College

By: Paulina Jankovic
Peer for Career, Majoring in Marketing
As I completed my second year of college, there seemed to be a huge change in what everyone was talking about. Instead of conversations about summer fun, the halls filled with constant chatter of prestigious internships, hard earned jobs, and club leadership positions. And I was struck by feelings of intimidation.I had applied to numerous internships and still did not have a summer job. Tired of watching everyone seemingly progress and succeed, I curtailed my efforts and gave up.It was only a matter of time when all of this disappointment transformed into a new motivation. I realized that I did not want to sit by the sidelines and only watch others progress and succeed in their career paths.

I wanted to be part of the action. I quickly grasped a new mindset that, if you want to achieve something, you need to actively take steps to make it happen. Success doesn’t just fall into your lap.
I knew I wanted to pursue a career in Marketing. To make sure that I prepared, I knew I still needed to gain experience and knowledge in the marketing and sales fields, develop my leadership skills, get more involved on campus, and start building a network of connections.Since then, I have made sure to relentlessly keep trying, with my ultimate goal front and center in my mind.This fortitude has led me to land two marketing internships, and I plan to obtain even more. I have also acquired a sales and marketing position in a company to build a sales background.I am active on campus, holding a position in a student club. To hone in on my leadership skills I joined T.E.A.M. Baruch—Baruch’s on-campus leadership program. I have made sure to engage in any marketing or advertising networking events to gain valuable insight and advice from those already in the marketing field.

I certainly made progress in my career path and aspirations, but there still is a lot more work to do.

If we want something bad enough, we must pave our own paths to success. This valuable lesson learned continues to guide me. Now I know I will not just watch the crowd pass me by, but create my own accelerated path to success.

Seize the Season

By Jason Ioffe

Peers for Careers/SCDC Correspondent

(As originally published in The Ticker –

As December nears, the sweet glow of the fall 2012 semester’s end looms on the horizon. After battling through finals, projects, and other sources of academic anxiety, the winter intermission offers an excellent opportunity to rest and recharge for the spring semester. However, diligent students should also realize how valuable the next couple of months are to their professional development. Effectively juggling a full-time class schedule with the job hunt is no simple task; intermissions grant the convenience of being able to focus mostly on pursuing your career. With over 17,000 students currently enrolled at Baruch College, and competing for top jobs and internships, the importance of supplementing your degree with networking efforts should not be underestimated. Whether your academic path takes you through Business, Public Affairs, or the Liberal Arts, your college degree alone is not sufficient to guarantee a full-time position after graduation. Add value to your degree by gaining experience through internships, jobs, volunteering, and, above all, the expansion of your professional network.

Networking effectively during the holiday season may seem foreign or overwhelming, but the Starr Career Development Center is determined to aid all Baruch students’ professional development year-round. Before the winter break, take advantage of some of our most powerful networking workshops. On November 27, join us in room 750 of the Library building during club hours for the Diversity Pipeline Programs Panel Networking Event – invaluable to prospective professionals diving into the New York City workforce. Also on November 27, from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM, the SCDC is hosting another installment of our highly acclaimed Small Talk workshop: Small Talk 2: It’s a BIG DEAL! This is a fabulous opportunity to learn to make the most of your interactions with professionals in your industry and propel your professional network forward.

Additionally, prepare yourself for a winter internship or job search with our Mastering the Job Interview and Making the Most of Your Internship workshops on November 28. Since both holiday time and the interview process will likely have you socializing over a meal or light refreshments, learn the ins and outs of Dining Etiquette at the Center’s workshop on December 4th. Furthermore, learn to effectively use Facebook and LinkedIn to your professional advantage during our Social Media mini-workshops on November 29. Finally, to learn more tips on Holiday Job Hunting among other topics, check out Job Maven Blog at

Full monthly listings of SCDC sponsored events and workshops are available on Starrsearch, which you can find through the URL Be sure to RSVP early – seats fill up quickly!

Don’t allow the winter intermission to break your professional stride. Seize the season. Visit the SCDC today to learn more.