Starrlights Summer Update

It has been a pleasure to share career tips, student stories, career fair reviews, and alumni interviews with not only the Baruch community but to the wider online audience using Starrlights.

In just about ten months we managed to launch this outlet to share the voices of Peers for Careers—student leaders at Baruch College helping students with their careers while embarking on the same journey themselves.

This summer, we hope you continue to re-visit our blog. Though we will be updating less frequently due to the summer season, please continue to tune in for some new posts.

We look forward to extending our readership and enhancing our content to help all student career seekers in the Fall of 2013.

Thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion in your feedback section below.



Kamelia Kilawan, Peer for Career

Congratulations 2013 Peer for Career Graduates!

Peers for Careers 2013 Graduates with Peers for Careers Coordinator,  Dr. Ellen Stein
Peers for Careers 2013 Graduates with Dr. Ellen Stein




A  message from SCDC Deputy Director, Dr. Ellen Stein:

On behalf of the Starr Career Development Center (SCDC) and Peers for Careers program we would like to congratulate the Class of 2013 graduates! Special thanks to the following Peers for Careers graduates who have served between one and three years at the SCDC (from left to right): Robert Smith, Farzana Ghanie, Katherine Bedoya, Harshita Parikh, Liz De La Cruz Ramos, Amanda Ramkissoon, Paul Rosario, Shirely Cheung, Stephen Violago, Cheng (Kevin) Chen, Sam Wong. Congratulations and thank you, too, to Carmen Cortez and Carolina Pena who are not pictured above.  We are grateful for your many contributions to the SCDC, Peers for Careers Program and Baruch Community. We wish you much happiness and success in your future endeavors!

Starrlights Wins First-Place Award for Best Practices in Career Development


We are pleased to announce that Starrlights has been selected by the Metropolitan New York College Career Planning Officers Association (MNYCCPOA) for the first-place prize in the 2013 Alva C. Cooper Awards for Best Practices in Career Development.

After being launched in Fall 2012, we have posted nearly fifty pieces of content including alumni interviews, career tips, student stories, career fair reviews, and SCDC announcements as well as re-published Ticker articles from our column “Career Corner.”

Starrlights has become a platform to share student voices to a larger audience outside of the Starr Career Development Center—which serves a school population of over 17,000 students.

From left: Editor and Peer for Career Kamelia Kilawan, SCDC Deputy Director Dr. Ellen Stein, Webmaster and Peer for Career Jason Ioffe, and Student/Staff Liaison Jillian DiBlasi pose at Google after receiving Alva C. Cooper award.

The Blog Team, Dr. Ellen Stein, Kamelia Kilawan, Jason Ioffe, and Jillian DiBlasi presented at Google’s headquarters in New York on May 3, 2013 to highlight ways the blog has amplified the voices of Peers online.

Starrlights is just one innovation stemming from The Peers for Careers program made up of a highly trained group of student leaders who provide resume reviews, cover letter critiques, and mock interviews. In addition to writing Starrlights, Peers also write a weekly Career Corner column in the Ticker school newspaper, and facilitate a variety of career-related workshops and presentations.

We would like to sincerely thank MNYCCPOA for selecting our blog for this prestigious award along with Deputy Director Dr. Ellen Stein for her guidance and genuine support for this project and the Peers for Careers program.

Review of Spring 2013 Undergraduate Career Fair

By: Jason Ioffe

On April 12th the Starr Career Development Center hosted its annual Spring Undergraduate Career Fair. Over 350 students donned business attire and brought freshly polished resumes to meet with over 30 recruiters in the Newman Vertical Campus’s gymnasium.

Senior students made up the largest turnout at the event – no doubt, taking advantage of the term’s last career fair to explore options for post-graduation. But surprisingly Baruch freshmen also made up almost a quarter of the fair’s attendees. Whether these freshmen aimed to learn the ropes of career development or wanted to hit the ground running with an internship, they were confident enough to stand toe with upperclassmen.

Freshman Jason Wu was very optimistic about meeting employers and standing out from the crowd. “As a freshman, I expected to be at a disadvantage, but it wasn’t really a problem at all,” he said.

Last February’s undergraduate internship fair may have had a larger turnout of nearly 600 students, but the attendance during April’s career fair ensured that all students had an equal chance to speak to recruiters over the course of four hours.

Safayet Kajol a sophomore at Baruch said, “The career fair is a wonderful opportunity for students to interact with recruiters and learn about opportunities that they can apply to for in the future.”

Representatives from American International Group (AIG) maintained a steady line of students throughout the event as they, for the first time in history, recruited for internal auditing directly on-campus at Baruch.

AIG Technology Audit Manager, Sumukh Shah, said he met with many sophomores and Computer Information System majors that day compared to the students he spoke with during last February’s internship fair. He and his colleagues also mentioned they were happy with how engaging and friendly the students were.

A similar sentiment was shared by Kim Wong, a recruiter from the CUNY IT Specialists Internship program. “We love Baruch students because they are very responsible and hard-working. We love working with the SCDC,” she said.

SCDC Introduces New Career Fair Resources

  • Earlier this year, the SCDC began using iPods to give students attending the day an easy and simple experience when sharing their feedback. Both the staff and Baruch students recognize the sleek, simple design of the iPods as not only an easy way of offering feedback but an attractive way of engaging students in commenting on the resources.
  • In addition to the iPod feedback forms, a new coat check system was introduced on April 12th thanks to efforts from the Peers for Careers and SCDC senior staff members. While coat checks came with a $1 fee from students, a portion of the proceeds were donated directly to Relay for Life, to help fund cancer research. Within just a few hours, this new system raised over $70 for the cause.
  • With introductions to new resources at the fair, the SCDC also continued to lend ties and suit jackets to students in need to help Baruch students make the best first impression.

Career fairs are powerful networking mediums available to Baruch students. The SCDC is committed to making the experience for students a valuable and productive one. If you missed this semester’s career fair, there will be a chance to attend other career fairs this fall. All it costs is the time spent putting the finishing touches on your resume and attending the fair polished and ready–a small price to pay for the potential opportunities to discover.
Jason is a sophomore at Baruch majoring in Computer Information Systems. He is currently a Peer for Career at the Starr Career Development Center and the Webmaster of Starrlights.