Projects: The Best-Kept Secret in Resume Enhancement

(As originally published in the Ticker,

By Lisa Huang, Peer for Career


A well-rounded resume aims to showcase a diverse range of skills across a number of different experiences. Students often take this into consideration while developing their work experience or leadership category. However, often overlooked is the projects category, which can also add a great deal of value to your resume.

Students who are looking for their first positions in their future career field or have sufficient resume space will certainly benefit from adding projects to their resume. Examples of skills highlighted here can include industry knowledge, teamwork, and presentation skills. These are three key skill sets that contribute to success in any industry. The first (industry knowledge) can also be the most difficult to obtain as a student. With the projects category, a case competition or class company presentation you worked on develops transferable skills by which to highlight your understanding of the field. Additionally, the projects section can showcase how well you work with others and your experience in effectively communicating information to a large group.