Writing II KMWF

blog 11

I am planning on making a 3 minute TikTok that will help show my arguments and the texts I used for my Research paper.My research paper focused on the emo sub-genres of hiphop and how they affect their listener.I believe that a TikTok can help make this project more relatable since TikTok is something that we use on a regular basis, which would help make this project more casual.

I am trying to show my audience how listening to these more emotional genres can help the listener feel like their problems are accepted and also make them feel like they accepted some where.Remixing my project won’t affect it that much since I feel like it will just enhance it for the people that aren’t familiar with topic.I feel like visuals are important since they allow people who are not familiar with the topics to still be able to understand everything that I will be talking about.Also this is my first time doing something like this some I am excited to see how is going to turn out.

blog 2

Being a resident of nyc I have experience the effect of neoliberalism first hand.Before every time I say a new building being build or a new store being open I would get happy because I thought that these things would increase the quality of life in my community.But I quickly came to the realization that these things were not being build for us but for the tourist or member that of a higher class that came to visit or that were moving in.I live around a high tourist concentrated area so I been use to seeing them around but now is to the point were they are permanent members of the community.Another way is through inflation, but Inflation is going to happen regardless of neoliberalism or not.

The landscape of nyc has changed a lot, even so much that some places feel as if I’ve never been there.For example a lot of places which were previously open to the public now you have to pay to get in or can’t even get in at all.Like in the passage by Dickson, she mentions how graffiti does not compliment the image of New York and that’s why they were doing everything in there power to stop it.I believe that the politicians think that the black and latino Communities don’t help the image of nyc so they are trying to push us out in order to look more appealing to tourist and other travelers.

Blog 1.

Hey my name is Jason Calderon.I am currently a freshman at Baruch with an intended major in Computer Information Systems..I live in bronx but I was born in Dominican Republic.

I decided to pick this picture as my piece of art because its a picture of my home country Dominican republic that I took on my last trip there.Due to the pandemic I wasn’t able to visit for 3 years, so when I was finally able to go last November everything seemed different and unfamiliar.My home country was nothing like what I remember, everything felt foreign.This feeling didn’t go way no matter what I did or where I went,Until I went to the spot that I took this picture in.As a kid I use to go a lot to sea shore since it felt dangerous but peaceful at the same time so I enjoyed that feeling a lot.So when I finally when back the feeling resurface and I finally felt like I was at home.This peaceful yet uneasy feeling reminds of my home country and that is the exact feeling that this picture brings to me.It also brings back a feeling of nostalgia.Going to my home country is something that I love doing but due to pandemic it has became something really dangerous and that is not recommended since covid protocols are not the best.All in,┬áthis picture brings back so many memories that I wish I could re-live this moment but I will revisit this spot many times in the future.