Writing II KMWF

blog 11

I am planning on making a 3 minute TikTok that will help show my arguments and the texts I used for my Research paper.My research paper focused on the emo sub-genres of hiphop and how they affect their listener.I believe that a TikTok can help make this project more relatable since TikTok is something that we use on a regular basis, which would help make this project more casual.

I am trying to show my audience how listening to these more emotional genres can help the listener feel like their problems are accepted and also make them feel like they accepted some where.Remixing my project won’t affect it that much since I feel like it will just enhance it for the people that aren’t familiar with topic.I feel like visuals are important since they allow people who are not familiar with the topics to still be able to understand everything that I will be talking about.Also this is my first time doing something like this some I am excited to see how is going to turn out.