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Blog 11

I am planning on making a prezi presentation for my remix project. I want to make a remix based on my research paper of the Women’s movement. I would want my project to focus more on the piece of art I chose which was the Netflix series “Cable Girls”. With this I would want to show or explain parts where the show best represents the fight for women rights and freedom. In my research paper I feel like I focused more on giving the general history and information about the women’s movement and even though I did mention that the show represents this theme I don’t believe I explained clips of the show that also represented it.

I plan on adding photography maybe video, fonts and text and my voice while presenting. making this multimedia piece will change my project from academic writing to more creative and engaging while still representing the argument ¬†of how the women’s movement is these days. What is lost will be the full design of informational research for example the history behind my theme. What is gained can be a more personal voice and more visual view.

As of now my biggest challenge is trying to see if I can or how can I add other points such as new resources other than the show. The resources I would want to use are more recent ones such as protest or events regarding my theme. What I like best about this project is that I am allowed to make my presentation look creative and use my own voice. My personal motivations for tackling this specific project is to use my voice to explain or show how this Netflix series represents the women’s movement and how it still affects us today. I also chose to use this piece since as a young women I would want others to see why it is an important issue.

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  1. I’ve never heard of Cable Girls before so I’m interested to see you explain it and how they connect to feminist ideals. I think you can also compare the movements in the past, our present, and potentially the future and how it will look for women. Since you like the idea of putting your personal voice in it, you have the opportunity to voice your opinions as well!

  2. I feel like this is a great idea for this project! And I’m really looking forward to seeing how you approach this project with the use of images and text, as you mentioned, to voice out what you intended to convey with this project about the fight for women’s rights.

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