Writing II KMWF

Blog 11

I am planning on making a prezi presentation for my remix project. I want to make a remix based on my research paper of the Women’s movement. I would want my project to focus more on the piece of art I chose which was the Netflix series “Cable Girls”. With this I would want to show or explain parts where the show best represents the fight for women rights and freedom. In my research paper I feel like I focused more on giving the general history and information about the women’s movement and even though I did mention that the show represents this theme I don’t believe I explained clips of the show that also represented it.

I plan on adding photography maybe video, fonts and text and my voice while presenting. making this multimedia piece will change my project from academic writing to more creative and engaging while still representing the argument  of how the women’s movement is these days. What is lost will be the full design of informational research for example the history behind my theme. What is gained can be a more personal voice and more visual view.

As of now my biggest challenge is trying to see if I can or how can I add other points such as new resources other than the show. The resources I would want to use are more recent ones such as protest or events regarding my theme. What I like best about this project is that I am allowed to make my presentation look creative and use my own voice. My personal motivations for tackling this specific project is to use my voice to explain or show how this Netflix series represents the women’s movement and how it still affects us today. I also chose to use this piece since as a young women I would want others to see why it is an important issue.

Blog 10

I took my image last year in November. I took it when I was sitting outside of my house and I was amazed by how beautiful the sky looked. While seeing how beautiful the sky is something else that people would think while looking at it is, why is it like that because a sky should not be almost red. The picture makes people wonder whether they should be worried about it or not. Some may think that it turned like that because of the climate problems others thought it related to the red moon that we was supposed to appear during that time. For something that looks so beautiful how can it be something to worry about especially when it was seen in a moment of relaxation. I think about this photo as abstract art because in our recent years we have been placed in many situations where we worry about our living situations because of issues like climate change. Therefore, this photo creates for us many questions for the environment in which we live in.

Blog 9

The exercise I chose to do was number 4. Doing this exercise allowed me to realize all the different types of ideas I had for my paper even though I have not yet wrote them all down. I chose to do this exercise because I know that its always easier for me to say out loud my ideas instead of keeping them inside and having to write them down later or sometimes when I choose to write down things I always forget what was my idea, so, it made it easier for me to say it out loud and my partner write it down at the same time. At the time I know that my biggest struggle was coming up with the theme or the overall main question which includes what was it that I was arguing. While completing this exercise I was also coming to the result that my argument was going to be how is the Women’s movement today and why is it still being fought for.

blog 7

After reading the article “Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the limits of representation” by Keeanga- Yamahatta Taylor, the limits of representation are clear to be that different roles of different races. President Biden chose Kamala Harris as his Vice President because of the color of her skin in order to to get more votes. The article mentions that “There is an assumption that the selection of Harris means that her racial and gender identities will guide the policymaking of a Biden-Harris White House. This is the heralded power of representation in politics, and it is a powerful corral for the hopes of many Black Americans. The rise of Barack Obama convinced many Black voters that they might finally get a fair shake.” Limits or representation is shown by this because Kamala Harris could not fully compare to those who had the same appearances as she did. However, Having Kamala as his Vice President won’t give African Americans or even women in general, better opportunities. So, finally after reading this article I can say that the limitation of representation is to represent the group of people but in reality being unable to make change.

Eileen Carino salas Blog 6

The piece of artwork I chose to use is a Netflix drama series called “Cable Girls”. It was made by Ramon Campos and was released on April 28,2017. This show takes place in the 1920’s in Madrid. As Spain has created its first national telephone company four women who work in the company show their progress during the times when women attempt to create equal rights compared to those of men. To me the general message of the show is “Can women have it all?”. The show represents all the struggles that women face  while simply trying to make a living.

I chose this piece of art because as a female, I have always viewed the issue of feminism and sexism as something that is very important. The show perfectly represents women being unequal to men and their journey into becoming more than just women who work under the control of men.  Even though this issue is not as bad as it was before there are still a few places where sexism still occurs. Ramon Campos attempts to expose the truth about feminism that took place in Spain during the 1920’s.

Blog 5

The art piece that stood out to me the most was “untitled” (one day this kid) by David Wojnarowicz.

  1. How does this piece’s rhetorical properties contribute to its meaning? (think blending of image/ text, tone, audience, color, design, etc) We can see that Wojnarowicz uses repetition to show his purpose and persuade the audience of the negative things that this little boy can face in the future if he chooses to be with another boy. We can also infer that this art piece was created years ago because of the black and white style. This is an important point because it explains what were the strong expectations of the people back then where we can definitely say are very different now even though there are many people till this day that don’t approve. In addition,  the author chooses wording that makes people feared for what this boy can one day experience.
  2. How does the text resonate with social or political concerns of the present?in our recent years many have been fighting for their rights to be able to express themselves for who they really are regardless of sexuality and decisions. We live in a society now where people still carry expectations but even more people have stood up for who they are.
  3. What conclusions can you draw from this text to build an argument for what impact art might make on political or social concerns? Just because a boy discovers that he has “desires to place his naked body on the naked body of another boy”does not mean that he is any less of a human. Times have changed which means that peoples mindsets should also change and get used to this new world we live in because no matter our race, sexuality, or opinions anyone should be able to make a choice without being judged.

Blog 4

After completing my sentence analysis, I noticed that I used a mix of simple and complex sentences; but to be very honest I was having trouble identifying what type of sentences they were since I have never learned this technique before.  I was not really surprised with my results because of the way I write out my drafts. when I write my drafts I tend to organize it by ideas. and evidence. this later helps me because all I have to do is explain and give even more details so I can build off of what I had. The changes I can make with my sentences are to make even more complex and complex compound instead of simple sentences. Changing my sentences will allow my writing to sound more descriptive, smooth and sophisticated. Another reason why I feel like my writing came out with these type of sentences was because I wasn’t so sure how to properly add my own voice into the writing mostly because I shared a lot of evidence and quotes. The way I write my papers is starting with my draft including the main points/ information then evidence. Writing it like this has made it seem as if I don’t know how to explain my evidence enough. After this I like to work off of my teachers or peers feedback because it allows me to fix any mistakes and get more ideas on how to expand my work. Overall, analyzing my sentences has helped me to realize how I should explain my thoughts in a better format. I hope for my essay to change from sounding too weak to more stronger and I definitely plan on using this technique with my future writing.

Blog 3

While reading the “Racial Capitalocene” by Francoise Verges, and “New York’s Invisible Climate Migrants” by Sophie Kasakove, one thing that I noticed is that race plays a huge role on what environmental dangers they face. Even though these excerpts share different stories, they explain similar troubles that families of low income can face. For example,  in “Racial Capitalocene” it is mentioned how “race was the single most important factor in determining where toxic waste facilities were sited in the United States and that the siting of these facilities in in communities of color was the intentional result result of local, state, and federal land use policies. This shows how these minority groups have no other choice than to deal with this because in order to get away from these places they would need money which is sometimes a trouble for them. It is also shown that the government has no intentions to help the people of lower class because they will always be victims of radicalized environmental politics.  In addition, the the excerpt “New York’s Invisible Climate Migrants” it is mentioned how “a lot of people didn’t have the resources to rebuild. some homes eventually went foreclosure, and other were sold.” Because of natural disasters, people are being forced to leave their homes without any option of looking back simply because they can’t afford to fix things on their own. People who were actually able to fix their homes and prevent them from being ruined by floods took over the neighborhood. Both of these articles have shown that minority groups are unable to afford better living conditions.

Eileen Carino Salas Blog 2

Throughout my life I have  witnessed neoliberalism in New York. One of the most recent things I have witnessed that relates to neoliberalism is some people have chosen not to get tested or even go the the hospital for experiencing Covid symptoms because they don’t have enough money to pay for it or that they are unable to receive health care. Some things that have affected me personally is the increase of cost in my things such as transportation and even cost of produce in stores. With public transportation the price used to be $1.50 then turned to $2 then $2.25 and now $2.50. It can be considered a bit of a big difference because it is something that people use everyday and most times more than once. For the past few years there has been a significant increase in cost of produce that sell in supermarkets. Since Covid many people have been having difficulties paying for their groceries which mean they need to purchase less  groceries. The increase of tuition for schools in New York has increased throughout the years. When I was younger my three older sisters all attended catholic high schools where the average cost was about ten thousand a year. As time past by tuition started rising where it soon began to cost twelve to three thirteen thousand a year. Unfortunately, as it came to the time where I was applying for high schools the tuition began to cost too much that my parents weren’t able to pay for my education at a catholic high school. This relates to Dickinson’s text because in our society there are many things that the government chooses to do that don’t benefit us. In addition, blacks, latinos, and hispanics seem to be the communities that receive the least amount of help whether it’s to better the neighborhoods, healthcare, education and living supplies.