Writing II KMWF

Blog 11

I am planning to make a short video using IMovie that will illustrate my argument and texts you analyzed and used for support in my previous project. I’m going to remix my second paper that focused on how Childish Gambino attempted to expose the truth on how America deals with their problems, how their is still racism in society, and how police only protect one race and not the other. I would want to make it more interesting this time though by deep diving into the individual scenes where he is portraying different events that actually have occurred. I had a nice take on these scenes in my essay but I feel that it would bring more interest and eyes if I demonstrate them during my video. In my research paper, I feel that I focused more on everything he was trying to convey with the music video and the message he was trying to send. However, this is a perfect opportunity to actually go deeper with the different dances and scenes that occurred during the video.

What I’m trying to convey is that Gambino put everything in his music video on purpose and everything was used as a tactic . Which is why I will take a deeper dive with the individual scenes while comparing them to the actual events that took place. The rhetorical choices that I will make will include audio , text, photos and video because I will demonstrate to the audience on what Gambino was doing.  Remaking my work into Multimedia will change my project because it allows me to be more creative and demonstrate more then just writing as I did for my previous paper. I don’t think there’s much gone but what I’m gaining is much more freedom to elaborate on what I previous wanted to show to the reader.

I am actually excited to use IMovie for this project because I have done it in the past and it shouldn’t be that hard to complete this. I get to elaborate while showing the scenes that transpired during the Music video so I am also excited for that. The only challenge I see would be the editing part to make sure the Video goes well.