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Blog 11

For my remix project, I haven’t quite decided. I think the general direction is of my research paper, which is about luxury and dissipation. I did mention the book, “The Great Gatsby,” in my paper. The book was made into a movie, so I decided to make a video, which I will probably present as a slideshow and add some video footage. I plan to use text narration to reflect the characters and glamorous scenes to reflect luxury and dissipation. I should use iMovie to edit my video, mainly to show the impact of Luxury and Dissipation on people’s lives and why people would pursue money. Then I will talk about the impact of money on different aspects of our lives and how many people lose themselves in the process of pursuing money.

I am very interested in this project because I think the mix of sound and visuals will be very rich for expressing my thoughts, and then the text explanation is not able to fully express all the feelings, only when expressing some columns, such as when most of the characters will appear in a luxurious party scene, enjoying the fun, etc. I plan to use iMovie to edit my videos. In addition, I will use some filters or special effects to apply to my video, so that the feeling of watching it is not just a single one, but rich in content and scenes.

The biggest challenge for me in this article so far is that it’s hard to find shots that reflect that feeling and show exactly how I see life in this way. And then how to integrate the photos, text, and video together is going to be a huge challenge. I think it would be a lot of fun to turn text into video to make people more impressed and experience something different.


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  1. I cannot wait to see your project in class. While you are trying to explain your ideas in class, I feel like you are knowing more about your topic, and maybe you will come up some other new ides.

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