Writing II KMWF

For the remix project, I am making a slideshow presentation with voicover narration. I am choosing the topic from my first paper about neoliberalism. I want the presentation to be both informative and argumentative. I think a slideshow is good for showing visual information that has to do with neoliberalism, and I can explain the issues with the voiceover.

The plan for the presentation is to expose the truth about neoliberalism, and how the push for it hurts and exploits working class people, who make up most of our community. I also want to focus on the hypocracy that comes with neoliberalism, promises that it will benefit us all, while it hurts the most vulnerable.

Instead of just reading my paper, the presentation will provide more visuals, as well as audio that evokes feeling and emotion about the issue. Hopefully, this will push people to look at what’s happening in our city and in the country in general, in a more critical way.

I want the remix project to act as a mini video/audio essay talking about the exploitative push for neoliberalism (as my paper is also titled). Because this assignment is not long enough for me to do an actual audio essay/reading, it will be more like a teaser or a trailer for the video, covering some key topics, and propelling people to want to watch the whole video.

I think that this also makes sense in terms of my research for the paper and with neoliberalism in general. I cannot talk about too many issues with neoliberalism. However, in the hypothetical audio essay, many of the issues I don’t discuss in my paper would be covered for the listeners.