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Blog 11

For the upcoming remix project, I am going to remix my research paper on Breaking Bad and how it became so influential (as well as what conditions led to it being so unique in the first place). While I am not entirely certain how I will be doing this project, I have narrowed it down to two choices. The first choice I have decided on is a Google Slides presentation featuring pictures relating to my paper and maybe even a short 30-second video included at some point in the presentation. The second option will be making my own video where I might even do a voiceover (no promises there) summarizing what I argued in my paper. As to how I will specifically present these ideas, that is still up in the air. By far the biggest challenge that comes with this project is trying to come up with concrete ideas for how to execute my presentation. With only 3 minutes to present, this adds an extra constraint.

The main reason I want to tackle this project is because of my infatuation with the show and its universe. The show’s writers did a good job ensuring there is a lot to explore, which I already did with my paper, which is why I want to use my research paper for this project. Considering the short length of this project, I will probably have to cut out some things I brought up in the paper (such as the show’s moral compass and cold opens) to make room for an overarching point, although I hope I can cover at least one new thing I didn’t discuss (or just overlooked) in my research paper.  Since Breaking Bad is visual media, it just makes sense to incorporate my own visual media for this remix project.

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  1. I understand where your coming from. I am stuck between using a PowerPoint or a short video. I am looking forward to your remix on Breaking Bad as it’s one of the top-rated shows on Netflix.

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