Writing II KMWF

Blog 11: Remix Proposal

For the Remix project, I am planning to present a slideshow on my comparative analysis paper. I am thinking of doing a PowerPoint presentation or slideshow where I talk about the main points I covered in our first essay which was the comparative Analysis. Kind of tying back to Maggie Dickinson’s article and then relating that back to the article of my choice which was the Bronx fire that happened. Really covering and highlighting the main points of racial disparity and discrimination and inequality when it comes to housing for people of color and minorities. I am thinking about making my slideshow interactive and possibly doing a voiceover. I want to add different forms of media and kind of combine them such as a use of images and youtube videos in my slideshow. I was also thinking of highlighting quotes that I found interesting and that were powerful in my essay. Really talking about redlining and environmental racism especially in New York and how things have not really gotten better over time. Black communities still face government neglect, housing inequality is racist. 

The difficult and challenging part of this assignment is going to keep it at or under 3 minutes and not going over time. I am excited for this challenge and I know it is going to pay off. I already have lots of ideas and videos that I found that can be helpful and informative to prove and strengthen my claim and points. By presenting the concepts in a more compact and interesting manner, the multimedia work will perhaps change the original points I stated in my comparative analysis essay. This project will allow me to provide such background without using text. It will alter my project because I believe it will provide additional background and help to condense the report. I won’t be able to go into as much detail during the presentation as I did in the paper, but I believe it will be easier and more straightforward for the audience. My current challenge is to work on my talking points while remembering the time constraint, so I need to prioritize as I write and rehearse them.