The REEL World

From all over New York City, “The REEL World” is a diverse group of bloggers, ready to share our cultural thoughts with the world. Culture and writing are both part of our everyday life in different ways, and the goal for us is to combine these two ingredients and produce interesting blogs for everyone to enjoy.

So, let me introduce you to us, the witty writers of “The REEL World”:

We have Robert, friendly and folksy. He comes with a couple of more years of life-experience than the rest of us, and will be blogging from Manhattan, the center of it all, filling his blogs with interesting opinions and topics.

Ellen, a Manhattan born girl interested in food, who escaped the noise and crowds of the city to explore the borough of Queens.  Excited about this new start she he quickly became an expert on what her new neighborhood had to offer. Where are the best food-spots, hangouts and discount deals? You name it, and Ellen has the answer.

Elsa, a Finnish girl who moved to New York to experience life as she defines it, has found her home and heart in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She is a serious “foodie”, and loves everything that has to do with food. She enjoys walking around the city and checks out local bands and art events when she gets the chance. Plenty of her free time is also spent at home in the kitchen or in front of one or two screens – the computer and TV.

Lisa, a creative writer from Bronx, spending her free time skipping through thrift shops and keeping an eye on the local media and the world of film. You might also find her singing karaoke or inspiring teens in her borough to write at a workshop in the library.

Wierzbicki, a native Pole who has lived in America for the past 16 years, will also be blogging from Brooklyn. Wierzbicki has bounced around through three different colleges over six years, so forgive him if he can’t remember whether he’s a junior or a senior. Wierzbicki will cater to sports fans and film buffs in his blog, as sports and cinema, along with Metallica, are some of his principal interests.

In our group we hope to make use of our different locations and interests, and be able to give you readers a broad and interesting cultural look on, not only New York, but the world. Look forward to unexpected approaches to culture, as we bloggers of “The REEL World” will take you on a journey through food, film, music and beyond.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Love the group name!

  2. ying says:

    Totally agree with Sabrina!

    I’m looking forward to reading your group’s blog entries! =)

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