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The canvas is complete

Queen, Sabrina, Ashley and Jerrica say goodbye!

Hey readers,

This is the Independent Pallete signing out:

Ashley: It has been a wonderful experience taking this blogging about culture class. With my group members, I have gained some new insight into the world of blogging. After the first day of class, I have truly enjoyed learning so any new takes and tools that are involved with blogging. I am inspired to launch my food blog and really become an active blogger. It was very rewarding to meet and sit down with so many professional bloggers, writers and authors. My favorite class was the food writing edition and info session with food critic Lauren Shockey and food writer Rebecca Marx. I am fully excited about blogging and will absolutely use all that I learned all the time. Thanks Professor!!

Jerrica: This class has been a very, very interesting experience. I came into the class with the idea that I would learn more about blogging and of course, actually blog. I did both, plus more. I greatly enjoyed trying a new restaurant, seeing the Oscar shorts, and going to a concert. There have been times when I have been very frustrated and wished I had chosen another elective. However, in the end, I have grown a greater appreciation for the blogging world. I have opened my eyes to how important blogging is in the journalistic community. I’m leaving this class in hopes of turning our final project into an actual blog for me, one that I hope will eventually give me an edge when pursuing my career in fashion journalism.

Sabrina: When I started contributing to this blog, I wasn’t sure where it would lead. But it has taught me so much about culture, a subject where I thought I was already well versed. Every post I’ve written has taken me somewhere new and given me insight into things I’ve both had interest in and to what I just got introduced. The best part was probably learning from all the different blogs written by my group members and classmates. I’ve really valued the experience and actually take it with me wherever, whenever, and whatever I write. Thanks for the opportunity to discover and share my bloggers voice, everyone!

Queen: It’s me again!!!! Well, happy to say the semesters finally over. When the semester began I was hoping to learn new and interesting things. The most interesting thing I learned was that you probably will not get paid or not get paid much for blogging. I also learned that your blogs can vary in length. What I mean is that you can write 600 words one day and one or two sentences the next day (unless you work for a blog and they have a mandatory word count. I am so tired!!! I still love Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher, Peyton Manning, Johnny Depp and the New York Yankees. I still want to go to Scotland and Ireland (really!!!).

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The Final Goodbye

yeah, we're sad.

Well, we start this post on a sad note because we cant believe it is the last day of our blogging journey. It was fun while it lasted, remembering the great times we had from dining at Blue Smoke, our new favorite barbecue restaurant,  to watching Boyz Noize perform and listening to his music explode through the speakers. We drank and danced the night away and built a stronger relationship than any other. We also laughed and cried together while viewing the 6 Oscar nominated short films and only two members of H.A.M were the only ones to predict the winner, so I guess you could also consider us film critique extraordinaires.

We feel like we have grown together as a group and have all improved in our writing/blogging styles. As we leave this class we take with us the dreams to aspire to make it in the journalism world, even through blogging. (Our member Chris has actually been offered to write for the The Couch Sessions!)

We may travel on different paths but in our hearts we know we will always go HAM… over and out.

PS. Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh?

it's ok though.. we'll always be HAM

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The REEL World Says Goodbye

Five enthusiastic individuals joined forces three months ago to form The REEL World, embarking on a journey to explore film, food, and music.

The road was not always easy and not everyone made it to the end, but for the rest of us survivors, we have become immersed in the world of blogging.

We would like to thank the many visitors who provided us with honest advice and knowledge about the blogosphere along our trek.

With our blogs, we hope to have provided new insight to the cultural scene of New York City.

“What happens next?”

“I’m not sure exactly. But this world is ours now. It’s what we make of it.”     – 9 (2009)


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Senior Center or Theater?

IFC center? Where the heck is that? I have never heard of it. In similar fashion, I barely watch the IFC channel; I only watch it when Pulp Fiction or City of God is playing. But, thank female Jesus for Google and Hop Stop.

I ended up getting there nine minutes late because I took the uptown F train rather than the downtown one; I knew that was going to happen. Still, I didn’t help by stopping to buy popcorn since I knew it was going to be a while before I could eat, and I was starving since all I had eaten that day was a few altoids.

“It was an accident,” said Jacob, a main character from Tanel Toom’s short film, The Confession. I thought I made an accident because walking into the auditorium, I thought I was in an unpopular senior center; it was quiet, nobody in my age group was there and a short film was playing.  All that was missing was some bingo and jello.

While watching the flicks, I could hear every single corner of the popcorn kernel crunching in my mouth; hearing that really messed with my bus of thought as I tried to take notes, using my iPod as a source of light. The other three people just sat and watched in silence while eating prunes.

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Choose Your Color With “The Independent Palete”

From left to right: Queen, Sabrina, Ashley (above), Alexandra, Jerrica

Hey, readers, welcome to blog posts by “The Independent Palette.” If you like food, film and music, we’re the ones who can tell you what’s out there in New York City in the independent genre. Here’s a little bit about each of us:

Queen: I enjoy politics, reading, listening to music, discussing philosophy and watching any film starring Johnny Depp. I am currently looking for a job or any other way to make money. I will begin to write another short film, shortly. I love Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher If anyone is planning on going to Ireland or Scotland… can I come? I am not a fan of Ben Roethlisberger or Michael Vick. My favorite quarterback is Peyton Manning and my favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.

Sabrina: I like discussing anything from film to vendor food, and indulging in all that in between too. So it’s awesome that I get to write for edit the Arts & Style section of The Ticker. I also critique theatre on a regular basis for on their “plog” (play-blog). And I’m a concert junkie with a wide variety of music favorites. I love to travel too and my first stop was India, then Bangladesh, and I’m still looking to book the next one. Until then, I look forward to my posts in “Writing Culture: Food, Film and Beyond.”

Alexandra: I do not typically follow independent films or fashion so I look forward to keeping this blog this semester. My major is journalism and creative writing and I want to be the next Katie Couric or Barbara Walters. I am the features editor of the Ticker, Baruch’s independent student-run newspaper. The type of articles I like writing the most are profiles on people. I am looking forward to adding food, film, and other art related subjects to the list of things I know about and I think keeping this blog would help me achieve that.

Ashley: I am very passionate about food and cooking; it has always been a constant highlight in my life. In my opinion, the best thing about living in New York is that there are always new food places to try that are just around the corner or a few train stops away. I plan on creating my own food blog this spring. After I graduate Baruch College, I want to attend culinary school in the city.

Jerrica: I am an advocate for individuality and anything artistic, so I am very excited on this blog about culture. I love art and its forms, especially the art of fashion. I have my own fashion blog, which is just a blog for fun, of photographs I find inspiring, beautiful, and a little talk on fashion itself. However, I am also a huge fan of film and music, two art forms that this blog will focus on. I am looking forward to see what the Indie film genre has to offer.

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Four Girls and a Guy

Hailing from the two “forgotten” boroughs of Staten Island and Queens, we are a group of five Journalism students and we know our strengths and weaknesses. While we may have all failed math at least once, we make up for it with a passion and flair for writing. Our blogs will focus on the things we live to love: music, film, art and food.

David Ospino, the only male in a group of highly-caffeinated girls, is also the oldest member of our group, a graduating senior, a writer for the Ticker, and the only Mets fan in our group. He hopes to increase his knowledge of new social media by throwing himself into the world of blogging.

Diana Coats, a Junior with interests ranging from music and movies to sports of all kinds, is also hoping to get more involved with the blogging world. She follows the New York Times culture blogs, including the ArtsBeat, which we will all be taking example from for our own.

Kari Pulizzano, also a Junior and Journalism major doesn’t have much experience with blogs, but puts her passion for music to good use by writing for a small local paper covering the Staten Island music scene and hopes to channel that energy into blogging about local music.

Teresa Roca, a sophomore, is the most quiet and petite member of our group, but don’t let that fool you. While the other girls are talking about music and movies, she talks about following and covering sports for the Bleacher Report. “I feel like blogging is a big part of being a journalist, and I’m really interested in sports and I’ve been writing for the Bleacher Report, so taking this class will definitely improve my writing.”

Izabella Zaydenberg is a sophomore and the only member of our group who seems to know exactly what she wants to do with her writing; cover fashion. She currently interns for designer Christian Siriano and is looking to improve her blogging skills for her intership and future career. She follows blogs like Stylecaster and Refiner29.

We may seem sort of mismatched, but we make up one awesome group of writers with a real passion for what we do, and we’re looking forward to sharing that with all of you.

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Mirage: More Than What You See

We are a diverse group that hails from all corners of the world. Our families can be traced back to Guyana, China, Taiwan, Jamaica, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Scotland, Barbados, Dominica, and Puerto Rico. Some of us may cross paths in the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, but we are strangers just becoming friends and fellow bloggers in this vast, limitless online world.

From left: Alan, Ashley, Sherese, Ying, Gerard

Most of us are normal— majoring in Journalism that is—except for Alan, who is majoring in mathematics. Alan plans on becoming an actuary, a profession he calls the “most boring job in the world outside of accounting.” It’s strange why he chooses to enter this profession then, but he is convinced that becoming one has its perks. In the face of dwindling Social Security benefits, he can create solid retirement plans. His minors, economics and business writing, are outlets that he believes will transform him into a well-rounded individual. His interests include sports, music, politics, traveling, and technology.

Gerard, a technology buff who enjoys spending most of his time on Internet forums discussing current technology, likes working out whenever he isn’t drying out his eyes on his computer screen (though lately, he’s been slacking off). He loves strumming tunes on his much beloved guitar.

Sherese has the heart of an artist. Like Gerard, she enjoys music immensely; her favorite genres are Soul and Rock music from the 60s and 70s. Her major, an ad-hoc creatively dubbed “Words and Music: From Songwriting to Journalism,” combines music and journalism. Her interests include poetry, psychology, and African Diaspora studies. She is an avid blogger who writes frequently on her two blogs, Reese’s Ear Candy and Arts and Culture with Miss Frank.

Ashley is new to blogging, but knows just how important it is as an aspiring journalist today. She is a Marketing Representative at Four Seasons Sunrooms, which allows her to meet new people and socialize at work-related events such as hockey games and concerts as well as comedy and fashion shows. She is a foodie; she loves eating and she loves scouring the boroughs for new restaurants to enjoy. Her interests include writing, reading, and listening to music. She recently started longboarding only as a hobby, but she’s hoping to master a few tricks so that she can skate in the Broadway Bomb.

Ying enjoys reading, writing, and listening to music. Besides majoring in Journalism, she is planning to declare her ad-hoc major in Anthropology and History, with a focus on East Asia. During the Fall 2010 semester, she studied abroad in Nanjing, China. She traveled to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi’an, and Yangzhou during her three-and-a-half month stay. Beijing was oddly similar to New York City and Shanghai? Well, it was fast-paced to the point of frenzy— almost like a Beijing on steroids. She loves traveling and hopes to travel more— she wants to see more of the world and write about her experiences. She hopes to one day write for National Geographic.

So who are we exactly? There are really no words that can describe us as a whole. We are as diverse in our perspectives and experiences, as we are in our heritages. Together, we make Mirage.

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STOP! HAMmertime!

We, as H.A.M., thankfully agree on more than we disagree. although that could be argued, especially considering how long it took to write this post. Laura and Joe continue to bicker between being comical or being professional. We decided eff it, let’s just be real. We all hail from different boroughs, such as Manhattan and the Bronx. Between the four of us, there is more diversity than in most people’s take out menu drawers. While we have our intellectual interests (Joe likes to keep up with his stock portfolio), most of our interests span from fashion (Chris is a huge sneakerhead), movies (anything and everything, from Gladiator to the ever intellectually stimulating Spongebob Squarepants), to our obsession with food (Laura is an aspiring chef, while the rest of us enjoy going out to eat since we’re not as talented in the kitchen), music (all types from indie to our group celebrity Kanye West), and sports (which leads us all into a very heated debate).

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The REEL World

From all over New York City, “The REEL World” is a diverse group of bloggers, ready to share our cultural thoughts with the world. Culture and writing are both part of our everyday life in different ways, and the goal for us is to combine these two ingredients and produce interesting blogs for everyone to enjoy.

So, let me introduce you to us, the witty writers of “The REEL World”:

We have Robert, friendly and folksy. He comes with a couple of more years of life-experience than the rest of us, and will be blogging from Manhattan, the center of it all, filling his blogs with interesting opinions and topics.

Ellen, a Manhattan born girl interested in food, who escaped the noise and crowds of the city to explore the borough of Queens.  Excited about this new start she he quickly became an expert on what her new neighborhood had to offer. Where are the best food-spots, hangouts and discount deals? You name it, and Ellen has the answer.

Elsa, a Finnish girl who moved to New York to experience life as she defines it, has found her home and heart in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She is a serious “foodie”, and loves everything that has to do with food. She enjoys walking around the city and checks out local bands and art events when she gets the chance. Plenty of her free time is also spent at home in the kitchen or in front of one or two screens – the computer and TV.

Lisa, a creative writer from Bronx, spending her free time skipping through thrift shops and keeping an eye on the local media and the world of film. You might also find her singing karaoke or inspiring teens in her borough to write at a workshop in the library.

Wierzbicki, a native Pole who has lived in America for the past 16 years, will also be blogging from Brooklyn. Wierzbicki has bounced around through three different colleges over six years, so forgive him if he can’t remember whether he’s a junior or a senior. Wierzbicki will cater to sports fans and film buffs in his blog, as sports and cinema, along with Metallica, are some of his principal interests.

In our group we hope to make use of our different locations and interests, and be able to give you readers a broad and interesting cultural look on, not only New York, but the world. Look forward to unexpected approaches to culture, as we bloggers of “The REEL World” will take you on a journey through food, film, music and beyond.

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