Wasp: 2005 Academy Award Winner

Wasp-Andrea Arnold

Most short live action films are intended to impact an audience. For the most part, they try to speak to the heart and the mind of the viewers.

Wasp, created by Andrea Arnolds and winner of the 2005 Academy Awards for best Short Live Action film, not only speaks to the younger generations about the difficulties and challenges of parenthood at a young age but also allows audiences to have a sense anger and depression over the problems portrayed on the film.

Set in the UK, Wasp follows the story of a young single woman, mother of three girls and a boy, who is still more concerned with her social and private life than taking care of her children as she ought to do.

It was not the foul language used, or the way poverty was portrayed but it was the mother’s attitude what disgusted me the most about this film. I have to be completely honest the film got me to a point where I was not longer sure if I wanted to continue watching it. I am, by nature, a very sensitive person, and even more so when the issues involve children. However, I tried to have an open mind and finished watching the entire film.

Was this film worthy of an Oscar Award? Yes, I have to say it is. The story is a very dramatic one and it was well done. The person behind the story successfully reached the hearts of its viewers and also their upset minds.

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  1. dospino says:

    I don’t think you have to be very sensitive to want to stop watching this film. I was literally biting my nails, wondering what was going to happen to these kids. I think that is a compliment to Arnolds, who really captured the intensity of that one day in such a short film.

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