Wasp: A Family Bonding Story

Wasp, directed by Andrea Arnold found its way into my heart.

I appreciate the direction Andrea Arnold went for. She focused many of the scenes on depicting the poor broken down background as a way to accentuate the lifestyle of a single mother raising 4 kids.  The film started with a crazy woman in rage, ready to pick a fight with no shoes, in her nightgown, and no shame in overuse of foul language, with a woman who has a decent house and a husband to care for her afterward, something she does not have.

What made this film the 2005 Oscar winner is the combination of a realistic family suffering, while still managing to find a way to portray the essences of what a family is. Problematic, annoying, untamed but they still have each other’s back, and at the end of the day they are the ones who are inseparable.

The one word title, Wasp, is a suitable title for the film. It was a V8 slap to the head for the mother. She was so focused on herself and her needs that she forgot her responsibility up until the Wasp, served as a warning, finds it way into her baby’s mouth.

‘Hey baby” was the main soundtrack to this film, provided a witty, tension-release moment to the frowns and saddening moments in the movie, was a great way to end the film.

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