Mum! Sunset, Please

“Hey, baby. I want to know, if you’d be my girl,” or however, the song goes. If it’s the lady from “Wasp,” no! The film won an Academy Award in 2005, and it is not that it should not have but more about what else would have. It is hard to not choose a short film about a single mum from the U.K. who has three young children, no car or food, little money and the desire to relive and alter past moments in hopes of it bettering her present.

How many women would accept an invitation to go play pool during the daytime, at a pub, with a guy she once liked a long time ago and had not seen in ages? About none to one. This case was different though. It was as if she traveled back in time; he still wore a studded earring that is as fake as a Larry David smile, drove a busted car that as a teen would have been cool to have but as an adult makes you want to rather walk, is broke, still kisses as he did in his freshman year in junior high, and, the icing on the cake, he still lives with his mom.

The film is dependent on sympathy and can really change one’s mood for the worse in it’s short time. It is an emotional piece with thanks to skilled acting and direction. Still, how many want to leave a theater with their emotions in a rut? Yeah, life is not always charming and nice, but please let the movie be. There are too many Sunset Limited(s) out right now. Save me the sunset. Keep the wasps.

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