Will Someone Please Put a Diaper on that Kid?

A Hot Mess…

That is all I can say about the short film, “The Wasp.” How this film won an Academy Award in 2005 is beyond me. This live action film depicts Zoe, a woman who makes Charlie Sheen look functional, and her four children. After watching the 2010 nominees, Andrea Arnold’s short film looks mediocre at best.

A Loving Family

After reading that descriptive paragraph, I bet one would love to read to a snopynosis of this film.

You have been warned.

The Wasp depicts a young family from the U.K, who are on the outskirts of life. They are not the wealthiest and they are not what you consider civil.  When Zoe meets an old flame, David, she plans to set up an arrangement in the most romantic place a person can imagine, a pub. Now where do the children fall into this picture. Well, they’re stuck listening to generic 80s music behind the pub. As any good mother, Zoe brings her children some food. The only problem is that she barely has five dollars to her name. Before Zoe and Dave make “fireworks” in the front seat of a broken down car, she is alarmed with screams from her children.

The youngest child, who throughout the movie is either in his birthday suit or a blanket, has a wasp enter his mouth as he is sleeping. The wasp leaves before doing any damage to the poor baby. The wasp is symbolic to any child. When it is in fear, it will use its stinger as a way to show that is afraid.  When a child is afraid, they begin to cry until their mothers come to save the day.

You should get the point by now. I really tried to find something positive about this film. That says a lot about it.

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