Sammy’s Fish Box Sinking?

What to say about Sammy’s, the popular City Island Venue, then to brace yourself for a rough and possibly disappointing experience. While the atmosphere is somewhat welcoming, the environment can be somewhat displeasing via the employees.

Sitting at a long wooden table with its polished finished, myself along with a host of friends waited to be served. A male waiter then arrived with a sort of grimace look on his face. Possibly hating his job or having a negative outlook on serving large groups, he alerted us that he would be our waiter for the evening.

Starting off with drinks, we each spoke on what we preferred as he stood almost as if he was losing his patience. Taking only about 3 minutes to gather our drink orders he rushed off into the kitchen, only leaving us with 5 menus between the 12 of us. He came back with our drinks only to have made mistakes on 4 of them.

We could understand the large number may have been a bit jarring for him to keep up with, but he did seemingly take notes on our order prior. When we had all decided on various dishes, some of us had some questions we had thought he would be happy to answer, but oh how wrong we  were.

His responses were very short and general, barely giving us any clue on our food based questions. It felt as if he were a customer from the street who had only been here enough times to tell us whether certain foods was good or bad. We finally made our decisions as he once again impatiently waited, he then rushed back into the kitchen.

When our food arrived and all seemed well since we no longer had to deal with the depressed and frustrated waiter, things continued to come spiraling down that steep slope. The food ordered had so many flaws in its “delicate” design. The pasta was tasteless, the lobster meat was dry and the chicken was hard and without any flare.

Even after ordering additional sauces of various flavors, nothing could satisfy our taste buds at that point. Not to mention when we received our bill to find it at almost $500, it was as if our world had shattered, most definitely our pockets. I was personally appalled at the evening. From the service to the food the whole ordeal was like being pricked with hundreds of little needles. The only time I’m going back to ‘ole Sammy’s is if I’m eating for free and I’m starving.

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3 Responses to Sammy’s Fish Box Sinking?

  1. robert Cambria says:

    How do you define a host of friends? Did the restaurant accept credit cards? You had to be awfully hungry to run up a large bill.

  2. rc111646 says:

    oops…a dozen people…I see. Who chose the restaurant? A good decision?

  3. Lisa says:

    I know you’re going to start editing this to adapt it to the rant assignment, but I really enjoyed this post. I always see their cheesy commercials on TV. Personally, when I go to City Island, I go to the one on the end (on the right) with the really good pina coladas.

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