A Little Humor in Drama

In the large conference room of Baruch, Novel Writer Adrianne LeBlanc engaged the large audience with her heart felt stories and a weird twist of humor. Slouched slightly against the podium, LeBlanc began reading excerpts from her novel, “Random Family.”

She spoke with a slight, delicate and nervous tone on her experiences and travels. “Take

yourself out of the way to let the world in,” she said about reporting and studying people for her book. Despite her interesting perspectives and beliefs, she seemed to have lost some as she began to answer questions digging more into her experiences. Her long responses and constant pauses left the Q&A session kind of “dry,” but nonetheless it didn’t take away from descriptive reading and down to earth personality.

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2 Responses to A Little Humor in Drama

  1. I completely agree with you. The question and answer portion tended to drag on and I felt the questions she was asked were somewhat irrelevant to what she spoke about. Glad my sweatshirt made a cameo in your picture though!

  2. robert cambria says:

    I found the q&a of interest. LeBlanc’s thrust throughout her reading was telling us what makes her tick as an investigative journalist. With each word, if you also read her body language, she became more enthused and committed to her subject.
    LeBlanc, I found, has fire in belly as a writer and that says much about her.

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