From the Streets to the Stage

Originality and having your own voice are two journalistic qualities Adrian Nicole Leblanc has achieved effortlessly.

As the inspiring author and journalist read excerpts from her book, Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx to the audience, her sense of concern and endearment for the people she has gotten to know over a ten year period is evident through her writing.

Sitting in the Newman Library Conference Center, I listened to Leblanc read excerpts from her book, illustrating the lives Jessica and Cocoa. As I became enticed by the story of these two girls, my previous plans of catching the 7:20 ferry home and getting dinner no longer felt important to me.

Leblanc has taken an innovative turn in her career and is now focused on her new book about a struggling stand up comedian.

Through her voice and originality, Leblanc is able to capture the hearts and interest of her readers through these tragic yet motivating stories of life, hopelessness, addiction, and taking all the means necessary, even prostitution, to survive.

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