Le Petite Abeille Warmly Invites You to Taste Belgium

Why is it that a Belgian restaurant combined with the authenticity of an actual French menu and a team of heavy-accented French waiters makes one feel obligated to pull off the best French accent possible? “I’ll take the Gaufre Dame Blanche,” I said, almost pretentiously (I had a French midterm later that day, I was in the spirit). “Oui, Gaufre Dame Blanche?” the waiter said with perfection and a smile, annihilating any attempts of mine to copy his natural accent. Yet, outside of the menu and wait staff, a classic American essence filled the air through the setting—blue and white checkered tables and canary yellow walls give the allusion of your classic mom and pop picnic-styled diner.

Close to the East River is little Belgian restaurant Le Petite Abeille, literally The Little Bee, where the door serves as a portal into another land outside of New York, one that provides a home-style feel. Known for its selection of French wines and its Belgium waffles, the menu is nothing short of classic French dining. From les croques (ham and cheese sandwiches) to Omelette Parisienne (a Paris omelet), Le Petite Abeille provides an array of true French dishes that mostly fall under $20.

Of their specialties, the Belgium waffles seem the most appealing. During brunch, the waffles are on the regular menu, coming in eight possible variations, including plain.

Gaufre Aux Fraises

Gaufre Aux Fraises ($8), or strawberry waffles, come heavenly prepared with a single Belgian waffle, loaded with fresh cut strawberries and a tower of whip cream, floating on a pool of strawberry sauce. Its preparation is far from any I’ve seen at my local IHOP, looking almost too perfect to touch. Almost.

The Gaufre Dame Blanche ($9), a Belgian waffle underneath an ice cream scoop with whipped cream and a side of chocolate sauce to pour over your waffle, is placed on the dessert menu during lunch and dinner. Yet, if you’re one of those folks that enjoy breakfast all day, this treat will serve as a good enough meal just like any other.

Gaufre Dame Blanche

Both waffles live up to their looks in taste. The perfect crisp of the waffle combined with the sweet and delicious toppings prove these waffles to be ones to compete with and worth the nine bucks.

However, if you want maple syrup to come with this plate of beauty, then that will cost you an extra $4. Why? Their maple syrup is actually real maple. A choice of corn syrup is provided for free.

Corn syrup?” I asked the waitress. “Wait, is that what we usually eat, thinking it’s maple syrup?”

“You’ve got it,” she said. “The truth is revealed.”

Beware your choices of syrup guys. We’ve been bamboozled.

Nonetheless, their waffles are specialty for a reason: they are without fault. Don’t worry, there are more strawberries and chocolate waffles to share at this little taste of Belgium.

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6 Responses to Le Petite Abeille Warmly Invites You to Taste Belgium

  1. tr103625 says:

    I loved your headline and article. I have never been to a french restaurant so I definitely want to go there. The waffles sound way too good to resist.

    And I find my self doing the same thing with british accents, but instead they always sound horrible haha.

  2. Lisa says:

    That’s a great picture of the waffle, it does look almost too good to eat.

  3. ar097536 says:

    That waffle ws made really well, I enjoyed mine too!!!

  4. alazebnik says:

    Those waffles look pretty good.

  5. This review definitely made me want to try this place out.. and that bit about the maple syrup bugged me out!

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