Belgium Eats lures Baruch students

For those who have never been to Belgium, take an afternoon and head on over to Petite Abeille.  Located on 1st Ave and in the center of Stuyvesant Town, this restaurant has established a cultural dining spot for patrons to sample cuisines from Belgium.

Immediately, patrons will be at ease as they step inside and view the wide, charming space made complete by its country-side décor and bright checkered table cloths draped over the dining tables.  With several chalk menus posted along the walls of the restaurant, patrons can view the weekly food and drink specials. The printed menu includes an assortment of fine dishes ranging from sweet items for breakfast such as their customer-favorite, Gaufre Chantilly, a liege waffle with strawberry sauce. To a more savory lunch selection for patrons that’s inclusive of fresh mesculin salads, classic Belgian sand-whiches, soups and stews.  With a glance at the menu, patrons will be delighted and eager to try several of the Belgian dishes.  

At both visits, the waiters were attentive and prompt taking our orders; however the food was not delivered to the table swiftly. With light conversations and eager appetites, patrons will be reluctant to wait for long periods of time. Shortly after, the waiters arrived with the plates of food and almost immediately every diner at the table began eating. Overall, all of our plates looked visually pleasing and colorful.

For Breakfast, ordering the Gaufre aux fraises was the right choice; it was plated and served warm topped with a nice helping of whipped cream. Additionally, the waffles were paired with a side of home-made strawberry sauce. These waffles were delicious; it had a soft, fluffy yet doughy interior which made each bite enjoyable. The sauce was overly sweet and sticky but when drizzled lightly over the dish, it really stood out and provided a tasty finish. Patrons should request for a bowl of their maple syrup, it was very bitter-sweet and complimented the waffles nicely.

Croque Monsieur (Grilled ham and Gruyère)

For lunch, ordering the Croque Monsieur, Grilled ham and Gruyère cheese sandwich, proved to be  one more grand choice. The dish was plated and served piping hot, with a side of mesculin salad and crispy Belgian fries. First, the sand-which was flavorful and memorable. Each bite was filled with gooey cheese complete with a nice crunch from the baguette. Patrons who favor a well-made grilled cheese sand-which will be overly satisfied with this savory dish. The salad portion was forgettable, flavorless and lacked fresh vegetables except for one golden ripe tomato that adorned the plate. The fries were crisp, golden- brown and salty, everything you could want from a side-dish. A larger portion would have been appreciated but overall it was a welcomed addition.

To the right of the dining room, the restaurant created a medium-sized gelato station  complete with imported Italian gelato flavors, waffle cones and home-made liege waffles for to-go dessert orders. For a simple, sweet breakfast with a friend, or a simple lunch for one; try dining at Petite Abeille for a courteous restaurant experience.

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