Too Many Labels Can Cause Clutter

Genres, in today’s music world, there are over a hundred different ways to categorize music. How some music listeners may label one form of music, others would label those forms differently.

Why can’t there just be basic universal genres such as rock, alternative, metal, hip-hop, R&B and Jazz for some. But no, there’s death metal, hardcore, gothic, alternative metal and the list goes on.

Some may wonder, why waste the time to debate the music classifications when all that needs to be done is to change the genre to your liking on computer. However, this is a nuisance in itself. We find ourselves driven at times, compelled by unique and catchy sounds of beats and heart felt lyrics to purchase songs on the spot, such as in the itunes app.

But after the well deserved download, so that inspiring music can be replayed to its maximum enjoyment, often we discover the annoyance. If you’re not looking for the song in the purchase list, you’re attempting to run a vigorous and irritating search through you 30,000 song filled 120GB MP3 device.

When the song is finally discovered, it is realized the melody you had become love stricken with was well hidden somewhere in the punk genre that’s just been added to¬† your device without you even knowing about it. What nerve to have your own personal MP3 device, that you have taken great pride and care to order, be modified just to correspond with the genre as labeled by someone else. I mean how rude.

What defines the certain music to be labeled with such complexity? Who gave those people the right to dictate how we perceive the intricate sounds and moving words in a given song. Personally felt, why can’t the decision of labels be left to the individuals. Many music artists throughout the years formulated their unique sounds and words with the intent to separate themselves from the society and the masses. Therefore, why put a label on yourself and your music, why can’t it be the individual listener’s brand just as it belongs to the artist.

Perhaps there a bunch of policies and rules to go along with some secret chamber of music listeners who sit around and justify how music is labeled and why. If there is such a chamber, I would question how this confusion is resolved? What is looked at in songs to determine whether a song is rock, metal, alternative, gothic, etc?

Whatever the case maybe, too many genres makes for a big headache and unnecessary time scanning for a song, when you could be reaching ecstasy with the uplifting ear orgasms of a fine song.

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