We had a time, at 92Y Tribeca

92Y Tribeca CafeShops, outdoor dining, cigarette smoke and pavement were all the sights which made a constant appearance during the destination trip. Late evening was swiftly approaching as Alex and I traveled to the cafe event at 92Y Tribeca. I was filled with regret after my earlier mishap of forgetting to print out visual aids to pair with my poor hop stop directions. Surprisingly, it was not the subway that failed us this time around; however our trip to the establishment was prolonged by the neglect and narrow-minded walking instructions given to us by several supposed NY natives. Alex dressed to impress in a fierce blazer and dazzling accessories kept us at bay as we walked despite the evident time bearing its mocking face as we continued without progress in reaching the location on 200 W Hudson Street. 

Sometime within 8:40p.m. -8:55p.m., we had finally arrived at the coveted venue for an evening of sophistication and entertainment. At first glance, the wide building held no glamour or welcome sign fit for a social event, but once inside, an intimate setting was in play for a live audience set. The café was furnished with window seating, medium-sized communal tables and countertop refreshments matching the usual coffee- house standard menu. With the exception of  a kosher-coated menu that included bagels, oatmeal cookies, house-made pan pizza, flat-bread hummus sandwiches and the usual brewed pot of coffee & tea. Tonight was one of many scheduled live musical performances hosted in the center’s cafe, known as the Live at Cafe 92Y Tribeca.

Singer and Songwriter Brooke Campbell

 Independent singer Brooke Campbell was the chosen, spirited artist who stood center stage appearing at ease playing her guitar and songs for the audience. At times, she would begin a song with her eyes closed, voice put into drive and lyrics ringing out at will. With each song, she held her guitar closely while strumming the chords with an old- fashioned pick. Despite the small crowd, Brooke was an excellent singer, during the performance her voice never waivers but was consistently soft, and strong. Throughout the night, she proceeded to cater to the audience by singing the heartbroken tunes of her original written songs as well as a few cover songs by beloved country artists.

However, I overly enjoyed her original songs because they appeared to be inspired by her own experiences of  love, loss and happiness. Overall, her songs were sweet and simple which reminded me of the work of one of my favorite artist Norah Jones. After she finished her final set of the night,  Brooke came over to our table and greeted us. I found her to be so down-to earth, and a nice country girl next door. We both happen to have family in South Carolina and personally it gave way to a pleasant feeling that life and music is one big party, and it’s pretty great to be invited. 

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