The Final Goodbye

yeah, we're sad.

Well, we start this post on a sad note because we cant believe it is the last day of our blogging journey. It was fun while it lasted, remembering the great times we had from dining at Blue Smoke, our new favorite barbecue restaurant,  to watching Boyz Noize perform and listening to his music explode through the speakers. We drank and danced the night away and built a stronger relationship than any other. We also laughed and cried together while viewing the 6 Oscar nominated short films and only two members of H.A.M were the only ones to predict the winner, so I guess you could also consider us film critique extraordinaires.

We feel like we have grown together as a group and have all improved in our writing/blogging styles. As we leave this class we take with us the dreams to aspire to make it in the journalism world, even through blogging. (Our member Chris has actually been offered to write for the The Couch Sessions!)

We may travel on different paths but in our hearts we know we will always go HAM… over and out.

PS. Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh?

it's ok though.. we'll always be HAM

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