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Creative Remix Reflection

The initial idea I had for my creative remix project was to make a video or slideshow version of my Black Panther/Black Lives Matter essay. Focusing on the music impacts which both movements created. Due to the fact that I was working individually I decided to take a different take on my project. I realized that I didn’t have enough time to create a project which had sound or videos. I decided to stick with the slideshow idea and instead write about some media which helped give the Black Lives Matter movement more attention.

In order to give my audience some background information about the BLM movement, the first two pages were strictly about its history and founders. The reason behind the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag coming around was, as a response to Trayvon Martin’s murder. Patrisse Cullors, one of the movement’s founders, had brought this hashtag to social media. This is when I would go and show quick facts about each founder, since this project was meant to be presented to someone who may not know a thing about BLM.

I had chosen this form of a medium since it would be very clear for any audience. With a slideshow there are many opportunities. I was able to add images to every slide to fit the description of what I had been talking about. An example of this would be when I chose to present how the song “The Bigger Picture”, brought attention to the movement. I chose to place an image of the song cover in order for the audience to have a better understanding of what I was talking about. I knew it was important to choose a topic which would be easy for me to find information on, but also attract my audience’s attention. With thai medium I was able to customize to my liking. To make it simpler for me, I chose a template on Canva which would fit the theme of my topic. Since I was writing about Black Lives Matter, a template with black and yellow coloring would fit in since these colors have been used to represent the movement. When visiting the official Black Lives Matter website, these are the colors that will be seen. 

Sticking to a multimodal mode would allow me to use images when converting the points I had made in my essay, into slides. Remediating the ideas which brought attention to the party would allow me to dig deeper into each point I had made in my essay. In my essay I briefly brought up the use of the hashtag, but in the remix I was able to give deeper information behind its impacts. The multimodal mode gave me a chance to change things around which I think made it simpler. Funding the right images wasn’t really hard since I already had an idea of what I wanted for each slide. Only thing I would’ve done differently if I did this again, is incorporating even more images, in order to make it more hands-on.

I like the idea of sharing the project with a space outside of the classroom but, I don’t think it’s ready. I know I could have added more aspects which brought attention to the movement. Or at least furthering my thoughts for the three ideas I chose, like adding more than one slide for each. If I decide on putting it out there for the public view, I definitely need to work on it more. The thing that stopped me from making it better was my lack of knowledge in the tech sense. My initial idea was to make a video where I can add sounds, like the voice of George Floyd saying “I cant breathe”, or instead of quoting Lil Baby’s lyrics I could’ve actually uploaded clips. I started to think that maybe working independently wasn’t so easy for me, and I had to stick to a simpler version. If I ever want to make this public, I will definitely have to take the time to learn these new skills. If only I had started earlier I could have taken the time to make my remix better.

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Creative Remix Project 3

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For this project I will be working independently and specifically focusing on re-imaging project one. I liked the idea of making a slideshow version of my essay. I will choose to focus on the effects technology has on the Black Lives Matter movement. I previously wrote about how social media played a big role in the increased attention towards the movement. With this i will talk about how important the video recording of George Floyd’s death, the hashtag on Instagram like “blackout tuesday”, and Lil baby creating The Bigger Picture. 

Using this medium, my essay can be backed up with images and/or videos which will help bring it to life. Since my essay was a mix between both the Black Panther Party and BLM, I will have to do further research on BLM in order to find more information for this project. I will mainly look for stuff seen in the media which helped get that attention for the movement like we saw in 2020. A challenge I anticipate encountering is finding lots of the same information. I know George Floyd will appear a lot, but I will just keep looking for new sources. I chose to make a slideshow since it allows me to further explain points made in my essay. It will allow its audience to feel more connected since we will see a lot of stuff that we had forgotten about from the pandemic, when the movement reached its peak.

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Student Opinion

How Can Schools Engage Students Who Are at Risk of Dropping Out?

Reading about the school in Japan, I feel like it is good the way they are focused on their students’ interests. I like the way they think about the students’ mental health, giving them breaks to get their minds off of the stress by incorporating video games into their studies. This can be seen as a reward to the students, making them want to finish their work quicker in order to get their own time. At this moment I feel like Wataru, where I have no motivation when it comes to school, from being a 4.0, to where I am at now, I am not proud of myself. I want to be able to feel motivated again. I wasn;t surprised by his reasoning behind not wanting to go back to school, because this is how a lot of us feel especially because of the pandemic. It feels as if everything is not the same anymore.

Schools should be more willing to incorporate ways for students to destress. Making the work more fun, or engaging with the real world in a way, may help those who aren’t motivated to get back on track. Another thing that may help is professors being more considerate of students, sometimes we got stuff going on and we may need more time for an assignment or just need a second chance to get a better grade. The way this private school was able to incorporate video games into their studies, students should be given their free time in order to help with their mental health. Things like this assignment itself, can be of help since we get to think about our lives and step away from our usual work. If I were to create a school around one of my interests, it would probably consist of music and fashion, two things that I turn to when I’m not in the mood for school.

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7 Day Log

Day 1: Created my wikipedia username (Hello0723) a gender neutral name which wouldn’t be easily targeted. Crazy how I never knew anything the gender bias that has been going on wikipedia for quit some time.

 Day 2: Started looking around the Women in red talk page. Does not allow users to discuss ways to improve the article, this doesn’t seem fair at all. How can this project ever be successful when they don’t allow any improvements to be made to this page.

Day 3: Added comment on sexism in English language. (Compared to the Spanish language, English does appear sexist because of its “gender-neutral” words. Spanish has both feminine and masculine references when it comes to terms as simple as doctor, teacher, or director.)

Day 4: Chose activist Sonia Almanzar Acosta as my person. What caught my attention was that she is Dominican just like I am. I hope I can find a good load of information about her life as an activist.

Day 5: When searching for my activist (Sonia Almanzar Acosta) I was able to find a biography about her life in Spanish on wikipedia. Was published on May 30, 2014. Her life seemed to be pretty interesting. One thing that caught my eye was the way she helped servants escape her household since they were being treated like slaves by her family. You can tell she was a kind person at heart.

Day 6: Made a comment on the biography.

Day 7: Sad to say I haven’t been able to find any other info on my activist, might have to pick another person to research on, only article that I have found was the biography.

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Yineldi Diaz -“Truth about The Black Panthers and the KKK”

The more I learn about the KKK the scarier it gets. These people see no problem in using violence to get what they want. The first member who had spoken in the video had said, “I could be your neighbor, you don’t know who i am.” They would use fear as their main tactic in their actions. This feeling of not knowing who or whom not to trust must’ve been terrible for people at the time. During the day they would have their professions such as lawyers, police, or doctors, just to disguise themselves at night and do horrible things. These people were amongst everyone and you wouldn’t have a clue. We can see the clear difference between the two groups. The KKK was created for bad purposes, their goal was to hurt these people while The Black Panthers came together for a positive impact. Their goal was to be able to come together and have a voice, be able to protect themselves and help each other out any way possible. One of the biggest things that stuck with me is when the KKK brings up God into their doing, when they are doing things that aren’t acceptable in any shape in life. They claimed that they wanted to protect their race, but who were they protecting from? They were the ones after Black people, not the other way around. The Black Panther Party was only another factor that would play a part in removing this cycle of hate in our history. 

“Judas and the Black Messiah”

Watching the movie it was shocking to see all the things members in the Black Panther Party would go through. One of the most shocking scenes in the movie for me was how the officers treated Deborah Johnson when they broke into their home. The knew she was pregnant and still proceeded to treat her roughly. We were able to see the way some would act as traitors knowing the consequences that would come. In the end your conscience would drive you crazy and we go to see this throughout the movie. One way I would describe the Black Panther Party to someone who has no idea what it is, is as a group of people who are motivated to come together and fight this cycle of hate in our society. They would go through any extent to protect each other and find ways for a better future.

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About Us

Hey everyone, I’m Yineldi. The thing that I consider my most prized possession would definitely have to be the ring my grandma passed down to me. It originally belonged to her mother and the fact that she chose me out of all family members, truly means a lot. To me this is now considered a family heirloom and I will later pass it on to someone special in my life just like may grandma has done. I hope this ring is passed on by lots of generations in my family because it is priceless to me.

Interview Questions

The person who I interviewed in class was Ariel. I asked Ariel that if she were given the chance to commit a crime and get away with it, what would it be? Her response was Government fraud. She’d be able to go through the system without being touched and always threaten them with blackmail in the end. I thought this was genius because we all know they are hiding all sorts of things out there. The power she would have at hand is insane which is why I am totally with her on this one.

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