Yineldi Diaz -“Truth about The Black Panthers and the KKK”

The more I learn about the KKK the scarier it gets. These people see no problem in using violence to get what they want. The first member who had spoken in the video had said, “I could be your neighbor, you don’t know who i am.” They would use fear as their main tactic in their actions. This feeling of not knowing who or whom not to trust must’ve been terrible for people at the time. During the day they would have their professions such as lawyers, police, or doctors, just to disguise themselves at night and do horrible things. These people were amongst everyone and you wouldn’t have a clue. We can see the clear difference between the two groups. The KKK was created for bad purposes, their goal was to hurt these people while The Black Panthers came together for a positive impact. Their goal was to be able to come together and have a voice, be able to protect themselves and help each other out any way possible. One of the biggest things that stuck with me is when the KKK brings up God into their doing, when they are doing things that aren’t acceptable in any shape in life. They claimed that they wanted to protect their race, but who were they protecting from? They were the ones after Black people, not the other way around. The Black Panther Party was only another factor that would play a part in removing this cycle of hate in our history. 

“Judas and the Black Messiah”

Watching the movie it was shocking to see all the things members in the Black Panther Party would go through. One of the most shocking scenes in the movie for me was how the officers treated Deborah Johnson when they broke into their home. The knew she was pregnant and still proceeded to treat her roughly. We were able to see the way some would act as traitors knowing the consequences that would come. In the end your conscience would drive you crazy and we go to see this throughout the movie. One way I would describe the Black Panther Party to someone who has no idea what it is, is as a group of people who are motivated to come together and fight this cycle of hate in our society. They would go through any extent to protect each other and find ways for a better future.

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  1. I agree with you, the difference between KKK and Black Panther can also be shown in their distribution to the community. Black Panther’s distribution including the free breakfast program was created in collaboration with the grocery store owners, including the white owners; on the other hand, KKK never shows any distribution or affinity to other races.

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