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Final Reflection

I learned a lot from this semester. Especially when we were doing research for the projects. Of the projects that we had done, two of them needed resources and citations in the essays. The process of finding resources made me remember my history class from last semester, where we needed to analyze resources and choose the best one for the writing assignment. I got more exercise with researching and got more familiar with finding the best source. It can help me in future essays because I know where to find sources and which one is reliable. I also learned that we can find resources on Wikipedia’s citation page. It is fast to find related sources. The essays I wrote this semester were different from the ones I wrote last semester. But I got to explore different types of essays and learned their structures through writing. 

One of the works I am proud of is the Seven Day Log of Wikipedia. It is a process of learning a new thing and experiencing something I had not touched before. I had always known Wikipedia as an open editing page for everyone. But with the log, I made an account and recorded my activities with Wikipedia there. I am proud that I got to know the back end of Wikipedia. With the more I worked with Wikipedia, I got a better understanding of the problems of Wikipedia. There is gender bias shown in the pages but there are people who fight for a change. As for project 2, we were required to write a Wikipedia page for red-name women. Even if our work got deleted, I felt we did something significant and were a part of the revolution to fight for change.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

One project that I feel is the most challenging is Project 3, Creative Remix. I decided to do it in a group to create a podcast. I had never created a podcast before. Since it is a group project, there are a lot of different opinions from each other. The script that we wrote, we made a lot of changes. It was either one person who felt it was too dry or another person who felt it sounded weird. Also, many of the writings were too formal which is not a good fit when speaking out. And the script was just the beginning. The hard part was when we tried to record it. There are problems with tone, pronunciation, stumble, and volume. We couldn’t record the whole podcast in one try. We need to separate it into five sections and piece it together in the end. But it was a good prior experience if I had to do another podcast for a project next time.

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Reflective Essay

I worked in a group for project 3 and the members are Maggie Lin and Jianping Chen. We chose to do a remix of project 2 which was about Wikipedia. The specific topic is the harassment that the female editors encountered which led to the exclusion of female work. Systematic gender bias has been a problem of Wikipedia for a long time. There is the negligence of women in the bibliography where only nearly 20% of the 19 million population are women. Plus, female editors’ work is more easily deleted or rejected by other editors. This problem should be brought up and more people should be aware of this. 

For the remix of this project, we decided to do a podcast. Compared to an essay or a blog, podcasts are more convenient. People can listen to it while doing other things and it does not take long to listen. It is a good way for people to catch up on information in a short amount of time. It also creates a humorous environment that is not informative for the audience to feel bored. Podcasts also helped to find different types of audiences other than students or professors. People with low incomes also listen to podcasts to get information. Podcasts are accessible to a wide range of people. 

Throughout the process of creating our podcast, there are challenges we encountered. At first, we were thinking about going off script and just asking the questions and then answering them. But we found out it is easy to go off-topic. So, we created a script for it. But it was harder than we thought. It makes sense when it is in writing, but it sounded weird when we said it out loud. Our script was more in a formal format which the tone might be dry and boring. We want the podcast to be more humorous so people will enjoy listening to it. We tried different ways of wording and used some phrases that were not formal. After we finished the script, we tried to record it, but it didn’t go smoothly. We would stumble too many times and use more time than we expected. I think it might be that we need more practice and rest between sentences. 

Additionally, we want our topic not to feel dry and boring. It is a serious topic and there is a lot of information given that would make people feel overwhelmed at once. Podcasts are more for entertainment purposes. Its goal is for people to get information in a relaxed atmosphere through sounds. We want our audience to enjoy it when they listen to our podcast while learning something. Plus, podcasts are short and a lot of information is not given which might inspire audiences’ interest to research on their own. And just like I said before, a lot of people have access to podcasts. It is not limited to a certain group of people. We want our audience to be not only limited to students and professors in school but a wider range. Therefore, more people would get to know this topic and know its issue. So maybe one day, there will be a solution to it. 

Nevertheless, podcasts give us a different way of doing the project. We need to do more research on this topic because we have limited time. It is hard to show every detail and would be long to talk about. We need to give information concisely and straightforwardly. We also need to change our tones which can help audiences to feel more connected. The feelings are expressed more clearly with the tone of the speaker. Also, our podcast is demonstrated through questions and answering mode. This creates a hook for the audience and might continue listening to the end. Like we asked the question, can you imagine if you were one of the editors and your work was being judged by others? This question is asking the audience to have a thought. It brings an etho that audiences feel relate to. This way, the audiences can have interaction with the hosts. 

There are constraints that we face when we edit the video. We recorded the script into five sections. We didn’t have experience editing a video, so we searched online. We learn to edit while we are doing the project. After we put all the sections together, we were thinking of putting a BGM, but we couldn’t figure out how to do it. We don’t know what kind of music would be a good fit and it might cover our voices. In the end, we didn’t put any background music. After we finished editing, we thought we could upload the podcast on YouTube. But we can’t upload pure audio. We had to make it into a video to publish our work. Since ours is only audio, we need an image for the cover page. We googled a picture but the picture is copyright protected. The image is not a Common Creative license. Therefore, we need to find a new cover page that is a Common Creative license. Then, we put the image into the editing app with the audio and created a video.

Lastly, we published our podcast on YouTube. Still, I think our project is not ready for public view. We still need to work on our tone and talking speed. In some parts, we talked too fast which is hard for audiences to follow. As for tone, I feel we talked too awkwardly and not too interactive. We should also put background music on so it wouldn’t be dry just as the hosts are talking. Music can sometimes bring audiences more into the topic and be enjoyable. Also, some word choices should be changed to create a more humorous atmosphere. Overall, these are the things we still need to work on.

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I am working with Jianpin Chen and Maggie Lin as a group. We are going to work on project 2, which is about Wikipedia and red name women. We are focused on the harassment and hindrance female editors had faced which led to the overall climate of exclusion of women on Wikipedia. We are planning to use podcasts to present our research. I think podcasts can give a different perspective than an essay. People had to spend time reading an essay, but on a podcast, people can listen to it while doing other things. It is a convenient way for people to get information in a short amount of time. 

Podcasts might not have all the detailed information, but it wouldn’t be too informative which would make people feel bored. It might raise the audience’s interest and curiosity which leads them to do more research. The difficult part might be explaining the topic clearly and concisely in a limited time. We had to let the audiences understand the fundamental information with limited information given and within a short amount of time. We might need to do more research on this topic to plan what we are going to talk about. Some challenges might be the information is not conveyed clearly and grabs the audience’s attention. We can meet these challenges by using more tone to express feelings and trying to convey messages with limited information.

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What Is Something You Want to Try, Even Though Others Might Think It’s Weird?

Since I was in middle school, I had always wanted to try skydiving. I think skydiving would be a special experience to have and it would be fun. But when I tell people that I want to do skydiving, everyone would be like it is too dangerous. Not many people agreed with me. They didn’t want to do this so-called “dangerous activity”. Maybe I am a person that seeks for thrill, but many people around me are more into calm activities. To be honest, I like calm activities too. But, I like to experience different things in my lifetime. 

If I can, I really want to go skydiving with my friends. It would be a memorable moment that I might not forget for the rest of my life. Going alone is kind of lonely and scary. But with friends, I would be more brave and would have more fun when I am with similar people. People just need to be crazy sometimes in life. Life is long, seeing from my age right now, but it is also short. So, I want to do things before the time is up. Life is limited, so why not try new things and enjoy it.

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Seven Day Process Journal

Day 1: I haven’t created an account on Wikipedia yet, but I found my red name, Jenna Baronette. She is a Canadian and an emergence nurse at the North Bay Regional Health Centre. She is a female activist fighting for sexual trafficking. 

Day 2: I did more search on Jenna Baronette. She was an emergency nurse trained to work for sexual assault and domestic violence victims. She was awarded the Outstanding Service in Women’s Wellness Award in 2015. She brought up sexual trafficking as a huge issue within the Ontario community. She brought attention to this issue and wanted people to help to solve this issue in the community because the majority of the victims were women. 

Day 3: I created a Wikipedia account, my username is Aawaan. I did the Wikipedia Adventure, it helped me to get to know how to use Wikipedia such as editing, leaving a comment, inserting links, pictures etc. 

Day 4: I was looking through some Talk pages on Wikipedia. There was a comment made by a person who said that the page was crap. But underneath that comment, other people said that the page was great. I can see what people thought about a page and can find that some people are biased and some people are more neutral. There are also people adding onto the information to help people to understand better. I also checked out the View History Page, it showed every edit that people had done to this page. It’s kind of interesting to see how many times and what they had edited into the page. 

Day 5: I edited a page which I think needs improvement. It’s an interesting experience to edit on my own. Sometimes it’s kind of confusing but I still got it in the end. 

Day 6: I started to work on writing a page for my red name women. It is hard because there is not much information about her. All I could find was one article that talked about her. But I did manage to find her LinkedIn page, it talked about her education. I guess that is some new information about the red name women.

Day 7: Overall, as a reflection, Wikipedia is kind of hard to use because the system was kind of different from what I had used before. And doing research using Wikipedia was also kind of hard because of the uncertainties. It is hard to tell whether or not it is a biased or neutral point of view and whether or not this information is reliable. Also, finding resources for the red name is hard because there is so little information about them. Some of them did not even have pictures. But the exercise of getting less red names is really meaningful because it shows that people are trying to change the prejudice of society.

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Film Review

The video that I watched was “These Women Were the Unsung Heroes of the Black Panther Party”. It talked about the women’s contribution to the party and their success. It made me think when talking about revolution or protest, people would think that males are the ones that take the lead; they are the ones that did the major things. Many would ignore women’s role. Women could also be a part of this revolution and have contributed to the party. So, when I saw the title of this clip, the word ‘unsung’ attracted my attention. Why were the women being unnoticed and ignored when they did great things? Why weren’t there any males that were unsung? This indicated that lots of people had a bias against women. People would think that women are not capable of doing things that were categorized into the male field. Such as technology, mathematics, or even standing up for themself. But that is wrong. Women are capable of doing what the males are capable of. There shouldn’t be any prejudice toward one gender. 

In the first few minutes, I thought the movie was about how Black Panther was formed or maybe some background facts, like a documentary. But after I finished watching it, it was mainly focused on the important leaders in the Black Panther. It showed how each of them were trying to go through the hardness and the threats that they faced. The FBI perceived them as terrorists and wanted to kill them. The movie added more details to what we had learned before. Before watching the movie, we learned that Fred Hampton was killed during his sleep and with his pregnant wife next to him. I was thinking about how he was not awake when the FBI shut the door with the gun, now I know that he was being drugged so he couldn’t wake up. As we are getting more knowledge about Black Panther Party, it was a party that tried to help the minorities and support them when they needed help. They want equal rights among everyone under the law and not being treated as foreigners in the country. 

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Interview Question

My name is Jing Wang. I’m a freshman at Baruch and my intended major is CIS. I like to enjoy the time by myself. Since my family owned a restaurant, a lot of my time was spent in the restaurant. And now I have school work and all, the time to myself is limited. Therefore, an ideal day for me is to have a day all to myself. I could wake up at any time I want. Then I could do things like reading and watching anime. As for lunch, I can cook myself noodles and maybe order some desserts(I love bubble tea and cakes!). Afterward, I would like to continue with my anime and just have fun.

I spoke to Jianping Chen(Alan). We knew each other from last semester. During the time that we are together, Alan seems like an introvert, but once you get to know him, he is really talkative. We talked a lot about anime, like the setting, the thoughts on it and recommended anime to each other. He was also a fan of Piano music and relaxing music. He strongly recommended the music by Mili.

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