Interview Question

My name is Jing Wang. I’m a freshman at Baruch and my intended major is CIS. I like to enjoy the time by myself. Since my family owned a restaurant, a lot of my time was spent in the restaurant. And now I have school work and all, the time to myself is limited. Therefore, an ideal day for me is to have a day all to myself. I could wake up at any time I want. Then I could do things like reading and watching anime. As for lunch, I can cook myself noodles and maybe order some desserts(I love bubble tea and cakes!). Afterward, I would like to continue with my anime and just have fun.

I spoke to Jianping Chen(Alan). We knew each other from last semester. During the time that we are together, Alan seems like an introvert, but once you get to know him, he is really talkative. We talked a lot about anime, like the setting, the thoughts on it and recommended anime to each other. He was also a fan of Piano music and relaxing music. He strongly recommended the music by Mili.

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