Interview Questions

Share a happy childhood memory.

Growing up, I had an older sister who had participated in my elementary school’s morning band practices. As my dad took the subway to the city for work, my mom, sister, and I were left with the blue Nissan minivan, that would take us to school. Every morning, my mom would first drop off my sister for her brand practices and then would wait with me in the car until it was my turn to go to school. However, one day, after dropping my sister off, she headed off in a different direction and instead went to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts. She had bought me a strawberry cream donut. Little 7-year-old me was ecstatic at the idea that my mom had taken me there, just the two of us, me and her. Although it was the smallest action my mom could have done, it has still stuck with me these past ten years. 

While discussing childhood memories, my partner, Ralphie, shared the funniest and most nostalgic story ever. When Ralphie and his brother were young, they rode their bikes down a mountain. However, due to the steepness and unfortunately his younger brother’s breaks not working, it resulted in his brother liberating himself off the bike and plopping down onto the grass. Ralphie explained how he remembers just being confused at first but then bursting into laughter because of his lack of control over his brother’s fall. It reminded me of my childhood as well, first learning how to ride bikes but failing at doing so.

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  1. I always imagined something like that happening to me when I first learned to ride a bike. In the beginning, I always carried my bike instead of riding it on a steep area.

  2. It’s very wholesome how little actions that our parents do, always seem to stick with us the longest. Even if it’s something so small such as buying a doughnut for us, or making our favorite food, it will forever be a wholesome memory to have.

  3. ETHAN JUSINO says:

    The first part is wholesome. Remising in the memories of being with family. It is tough going to college. You are doing good.

    Going to the bike story that was kind of scary. I remember when I was learning and I went down a hill and hit a railing and almost flipped over it onto a highway.

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