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Hi, my name is Amari and I’m from Queens, NY. I am a very outgoing person and always down for any activity. Very in tuned with music despite my liking for DaBaby. I also enjoy watching anime and playing a variety of sports (can’t be guarded in both basketball and soccer). If I had the chance to fight one person who’s alive today that I know I’d beat, it’d probably be Kevin Hart. I feel like our fight would be a great pitch for a movie, causing me to be famous and insanely rich.

I interviewed Amir, who also lives in Queens. He loves Asian food and Barcelona which I’m still stuck on the fact why anybody would support such a sad team. Apart from that, he plays soccer/volleyball and is a bit of a sneakerhead.

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4 Responses to Interview Questions

  1. With Kevin also being short, I think you would win without a doubt! He’s very funny and for some reason, I have a feeling that he wouldn’t take the fight seriously and would most likely laugh throughout it. Like you said, it would bring so much attention and publicity, there would probably be so many articles and “memes” about it all throughout the media.

  2. EVAN RIVERA says:

    I can tell from the way you present yourself in your writing that you are very enthusiastic and outgoing. You have the confidence to state you can’t be guarded and I find that interesting. Of all people you picked Kevin Hart to beat in a fight and I could not agree more. Seems relatively easy especially if you have the height advantage, as well as it being very easy publicity.

  3. JOSEPH BELLO says:

    That would be pretty funny if you were to fight Kevin Hart, I’m sure you’d win.

  4. I feel like personally i would absolutely embarrass you in basketball man but thats just me. Its cool that you have high hopes, and I can appreciate your dream of getting rich off of beating Kevin Harts a*$$.

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