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What Song Describes You?

There are a lot of songs that represent who I am as a person. At the moment I’ll have to pick the song “On One” by Is0kenny. Is0kenny is an upcoming artist whose lyricism is his strongest attribute. The lyrics in IsoKenny’s “On One” express a sense of confidence and self-assurance that many people can relate to.

In the chorus of the song he raps, ” they gon remember my name that’s for sure”. This particular statement applies to me since I strive to make a positive impression on everyone I meet, whether we become friends or not. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus exhibits the outgoing and carefree attitude that I have for every situation.

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Ten point program

Amari Asante

  1. We want no party divisions for better laws.
  2. We want permanent equality
  3. We want an end to police brutality
  4. We want better methods to prevent global warming
  5. We want free education
  6. We want more protected areas of green
  7. We want better diplomatic relations
  8. We want free medical treatment
  9. We want the stoppage of weapon manufacturing
  10. We want more homeless job opportunities
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Film Review: The Man Who Armed The Panthers

I became enraged as such an important wasn’t discussed as much as others in the war on civil rights. Richard Aoki, a Japanese male who played a pivotal role in the Black Panther Party movement. After he completed his college education he ventured into the world of politics and became a friend to black activists. He started his involvement slowly but surely, eventually providing weapons/firearms for the party members. As I read further into him I stopped upon information on his death as it was ruled a “suicide”. I am very curious as to whether he actually committed suicide. Was this an attempt to silence him even after all those years? Was him providing firearms to the B.P.P for good or bad? We’ll never know but with the information at hand he is indubitably, a hero.

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Interview Questions

Hi, my name is Amari and I’m from Queens, NY. I am a very outgoing person and always down for any activity. Very in tuned with music despite my liking for DaBaby. I also enjoy watching anime and playing a variety of sports (can’t be guarded in both basketball and soccer). If I had the chance to fight one person who’s alive today that I know I’d beat, it’d probably be Kevin Hart. I feel like our fight would be a great pitch for a movie, causing me to be famous and insanely rich.

I interviewed Amir, who also lives in Queens. He loves Asian food and Barcelona which I’m still stuck on the fact why anybody would support such a sad team. Apart from that, he plays soccer/volleyball and is a bit of a sneakerhead.

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