Interview Questions

Hello my name is Yelianni. This is my second semester at Baruch. I am majoring in business communications. I really enjoy reading but don’t do it as often but there are books that have left lessons to live by in my life. Due to this fact the interview question “what book has had the most profound impact on your life” I would say is “A Long Way Gone” by Ishmael Beah is on book that has left a mark. The book is based on a child soldier during the time the civil war in Sierra Leone was taking place. It describes his journey and the lessons/ skills he had to learn to be able to survive in this environment. This book really opened my eyes on things that are going on around the world. I feel as though of course everyone knows things like this are going on around the world but its just that. You may talk about it while having dinner with your family one day or over hear about it on a local new channel but it is never really something that most stop and actually acknowledges or tries to help with. As long a its not happening to you or a loved one then we don’t pay attention to critical state of others in most cases. Anyways all that was just to say that the book really impacted my perspective on the world around me and how one’s daily struggles can be completely different to another one across the globe.

I interviewed Dayanara who is in her second year at Baruch and is majoring in Business like me. I really wanted to know what she was looking forward to the most to which she answered graduating. This was because to her and most college is stressful but it is something we have to do so that we can progress in the career choice that best benefits our life. She is looking forward to getting her bachelors degree and is anxious for time to fly by. I can relate to her on that point because although college is very important sometimes to be it feels like a burden or very time consuming but at the end I know that it will all be worth it.

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