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Creative remix project

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Reflective Essay

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Discussion Post: What Is Your Secrete to a Happy life?

When I first read the question I felt like it was perfect to write about given the fact that I am finding out what makes me happy. This question has answers that one can write about forever but I have narrowed it down to two things. The first one being choosing yourself. This is significantly important to me and it took a while for me to work on and I still am. I know it may sound selfish but through life I have learned that sometimes its okay to be a little selfish. When I say choose yourself I mean to choose whatever makes you happy or gives you interest. In life you might get in situations you may not totally agree with just for others approval or satisfaction. For example college. Many of us know fellow classmates or even ourselves that are perusing something they aren’t interested in for the approval of parents or loved ones. This isn’t the only example that it applies to, there are many other cases where you have to choose yourself and do what make you happy despite others opinions. Everyone has their own path in life and the beautiful thing is that no one knows where they’ll end up so choose yourself, your future and happiness until you get to that point.

The second secrete to a happy life is to surround yourself with people who make you feel good. It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of a large crowd, the people you surround yourself with can make it feel at home. The people you surround yourself with can tell a lot about you and can have big affects on your life. If you are constantly around someone who makes you feel bad or uncomfortable this may decrease your overall mood and perspective in life. My advise is to surround yourself with optimistic and problem solving people. This will have a positive affect of your character and soon you will also practice these healthy habits yourself. I believe that people are a product of their environment but I also believe that we can alter our environment based on what we implement into our life. The people around you can sometimes make you or break you. It’s up to you to choose what’s best!

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Seven Day Log

DAY 1:

I was very nervous to start this journey because like most of us, I have never created a page for Wikipedia nor did I ever want to before. However when learning about “women in Red” it made me realize how important it was to actually take part in the process and make a change. Women are often overlooked in society and have been for many years but as a young adult and a women myself it feels as though I’m helping out in a way to spread the word about these women who have greatly contributed to our history. So the first thing I did was create a Wikipedia profile of course. I thought this process was going to take some time to do but it was fairly fast and simple. This made me realized how easy anyone can just make a page and edit information on there…. my teachers were right.

DAY 2:

So this day consisted of me actually learning how to use the website since it the first time I’d be creating an article. I play the “Wikipedia Adventure” game. At first I thought it was a lot of information being thrown at me but I really did learn a few things from it. They have like a completely different system for how they do things… its not like Facebook or twitter. I don’t know why I thought it would be like that. There was a lot of small minor steps that you had to follow just so that you could even reply to a comment which to me is kinda stressful and confusing but it feels like a challenge so I kinda like it.

DAY 3:

Okay so now that I have the hang on things…sorta, it was time to pick a women in red! I wanted someone who had most of the boxes filled out (I picked the WD) so that it would be easier for me to do research on. After process of elimination I final found her. Meet our girl!!

Mira Sharpless Townsend

DAY 3:

So for this day I wanted to get an idea of how to edit and that’s exactly what I did. I went on a few pages and fix minor mistakes for example grammar and punctuation. Thanks to the “Wikipedia Adventure” game this process was easy but there is still a lot I need to learn about editing. I went ahead and looked up videos for reference since I’m more of a visual learner and got straight to work.

DAY 4:

On this day I went ahead and compared different pages in Wikipedia to see for myself the gender bias and the feminist theory. I looked up two names Melania Trump and Jeff Bezos. I was assuming that because they are both very well known tat they would have a lot of information on their page but to my surprise this wasn’t the case. Melania’s pages revolved around her husband even when mentioning her success while Jeff had basically an essay’s worth just on his childhood and early life.

DAY 5:

I started researching about the woman I chose to get an idea of who she was and what did she contribute and from this I gained a couple interesting facts. She’s from Philadelphia. She advocated for social reform movements. She had six children but unfortunately only two made it to adult hood.

DAY 6:

I started writing down on a notebook somethings that I would like to be mentioned in the page. I read that articles on how not to be biased when writing an article and I think that might be a challenge. I know that being biased goes against the guidelines and I have to be very careful with that. Another challenge that I have ran into was adding pictures. I tried to do it when fixing and editing other article but still haven’t gotten the hang of it so I will watch more videos on how to do so.

DAY 7:

I have gathered all the information for Mari (women in red) and feel as though I am ready to start my article. There is still something I need to look up but they are minor details. I am researching how to get started on writing and article and reviewing the 5 pillars so that I acn actually get started!

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Black Panther Party

For my second video I decided to watch “The Man Who Armed The Panthers”. The video was very direct and went into detail about a guy name Richard Aoki. He was arming the Black Panthers with guns and would also offer training. Although seen as a big help to this organization there were rumors spreading around that he might be an informant for the FBI. A former FBI agent had claimed that Richard was working for him to obtain information for the FBI on the black panthers. Richard was interviewed and asked about his involvement which he denied any relations to working with the FBI at the time. It is still unclear to me which side was Richard on. If he was working for the FBI why would he offer to help the Black Panthers and offer guns. What I found interesting is that Richards name was on the list of informants but the FBI claimed they had no files on Richard himself…? I believe that the FBI is withholding information on Aoki because they know something “deeper” about Aoki’s double life. Sadly but interesting enough Richard took his own life on March 15,2009 and had the Black Panthers suit neatly pressed out on his bed.

Judas and the Black Messiah

While watching the film I immediately knew it was going to be a good movie because it had some of my favorite actors like Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Standfield. As I was watching the film I noticed some of the characters based of the articles we have read before. I was so amazed at how spot of the characters were and also the set. It makes you you feel like you are traveling back in time. The costumes and set designs help tell the story well in my opinion. I feel like when bill was initially asked to help out the FBI it was a good way of taking the audience through the story. While enjoying the movie I also learned some new things about the Black Panther Party. I didn’t know that they would meet with other groups for example when the black panther party meets with the Young Patriots and the Puerto Rican group Young Lords to try to work together. This is something that I didn’t know about because nun of the articles mention it. Another thing I learned was that they blew up the Black Panther Party office building. This made me mad because it just shows the hatred they had for people of color who just wanted equal rights and justice against police brutality.

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Interview Questions

Hello my name is Yelianni. This is my second semester at Baruch. I am majoring in business communications. I really enjoy reading but don’t do it as often but there are books that have left lessons to live by in my life. Due to this fact the interview question “what book has had the most profound impact on your life” I would say is “A Long Way Gone” by Ishmael Beah is on book that has left a mark. The book is based on a child soldier during the time the civil war in Sierra Leone was taking place. It describes his journey and the lessons/ skills he had to learn to be able to survive in this environment. This book really opened my eyes on things that are going on around the world. I feel as though of course everyone knows things like this are going on around the world but its just that. You may talk about it while having dinner with your family one day or over hear about it on a local new channel but it is never really something that most stop and actually acknowledges or tries to help with. As long a its not happening to you or a loved one then we don’t pay attention to critical state of others in most cases. Anyways all that was just to say that the book really impacted my perspective on the world around me and how one’s daily struggles can be completely different to another one across the globe.

I interviewed Dayanara who is in her second year at Baruch and is majoring in Business like me. I really wanted to know what she was looking forward to the most to which she answered graduating. This was because to her and most college is stressful but it is something we have to do so that we can progress in the career choice that best benefits our life. She is looking forward to getting her bachelors degree and is anxious for time to fly by. I can relate to her on that point because although college is very important sometimes to be it feels like a burden or very time consuming but at the end I know that it will all be worth it.

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