Black Panthers Revisited: A Film Review

Black Lives Matter Protest in England

The New York Time’s Op-Doc Black Panthers Revisited was extremely insightful. It proved to be an important reminder of how the goals of the Black Panther Party are still addressed today. In all honesty, the film left me feeling slightly upset or agitated, simply because of the striking similarities between then and now. The film was talking specifically about the protests of 2014 around the same topic, which is why I feel such frustration knowing that the protests and the need to protest has resurfaced again in 2020. Another feeling I got from this, however, is optimism, because of the increased interest in this issue by more diverse groups of people, and the large following it seems to have today. One can only hope that all this effort is not for nothing, and that one day we will achieve the goal that decades worth of generations have fought so hard for.

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4 Responses to Black Panthers Revisited: A Film Review

  1. Now a day there are rarely protest groups that had the same organizational cohesion and solidarity as Black Panther, but as long as we keep distributing our power to fight for equality, equality will no longer be just a dream.

  2. HOPE KI says:

    Definitely also feel your uneasiness about injustice in today’s society. Even after Black Americans fought for their freedom, the fight for the end of racism still occurs. Hopefully, through protests and activism, the fight for equality will come to an end, as all races will be looked at as equal.

  3. JOSEPH BELLO says:

    I agree, it is crazy how little has been done in such a long time to address these important issues.

  4. I relate with you on the film making me upset in a way because of the striking similarities between our current culture vs back in the Panthers time.

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