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Student Opinion: What is your favorite video game ever?

I’ve loved gaming ever since I was young, but never has the opportunity or time to dive as deep into it as other kids or people my age have. This is why it was so important to me that I played a game that could basically do it all. I have several interests and would like to appreciate various qualities in a video game, and I like to have a well rounded experience while playing. I like to truly embody the character when I play, and be able to relate to the situation at hand. This is why Minecraft has always been my favorite game. Even before I was allowed to have my own phone, I’d been playing Minecraft. I first downloaded Minecraft Pocket Edition on my father’s original iPad (yes, the first generation of iPad), and completely fell in love with the game. Then, since I was about 8 or 9 I’ve played internet games on PC, making moving my fingers across a keyboard more comfortable for, and familiar to, me for gaming. From here, begging my dad to purchase and download Minecraft on my now about 7-8 year old, bulky dell laptop was a no-brainer, and I spend most of my summers playing Minecraft with random people on popular servers.

I loved the versatility of the game, and the idea that I could be/do whatever I imagined with the sandbox functionality of the Minecraft world. Every update sent my rushing back to my overheating laptop, praying that it would boot up in less than 30 minutes so that I could enjoy what little free time I had. When I discovered mods and how to put them into my worlds, I became obsessed with the game once again. Taming new modded animals to be my pets, exploring new structures that came with new mods like wizards towers and underwater domes, and adding various furnitures items like couches and fridges to my home became my favorite pastime.

Minecraft has always been a place for me to connect with my creativity, challenge my abilities to craft, build, and be adventurous. I could play in survival by myself or invite my brother to join me, hop on a server to build in creative with strangers, or invite my bother to compete in Player versus Player duo matches against strangers with me. Some of those strangers have even grown to be some of my greatest friends today. Most of my childhood was spent on that game, and I’d gladly return to it when I have downtime this summer.

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Project 3: Diary of an 18-year-old Activist

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For my third project I intend to focus on the first project, more specifically the Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter’s use of media. This is slightly different than my original proposal idea, which surrounded the idea that the way they were individually structured were beneficial to their time period. My message aims to be both informational and a source of encouragement for more activism to come. I would like to make a video which serves as a collection of photos and videos of the Black Panther Party and the Black Lives Matter movement. I would also like to recite some kind of poetry, motivational speech, or other spoken word as background for the photos. I am a bit nervous about finding credible photos as it is a different kind of media that I am less familiar with. However, I am also slightly excited for this new experience and I am entering it with high hopes.

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My 7 Day Log: A Personal Battle

Day 1: I was very nervous about this project, not knowing exactly what to expect from it as I’ve never done anything like it before. I started by creating my wikipedia account under the username “MotionsickSpaceman”. I hoped the masculinity of the username would allow me to be seen as a man and therefore my edits were more likely to be left alone. Then I started becoming familiar with the Wikipedia Adventure.

Day 2: I felt even more discouraged this day. Wikipedia looks very “code-y” when you edit on it. Everything is in colons and brackets and its really confusing. Honestly, I quit early this day.

Day 3: I started to see a glimmer of hope this day. I went back to the Wikipedia adventure as it was what I was most comfortable with and found a button that makes the text box look like English again instead of R2D2 language. I logged out soon after discovering this.

Day 4: I spent this day becoming even more familiar with the editing side of Wikipedia. I edited Cardi B’s wikipedia page with something really simple. I remember Prof. Perry telling us about a librarian at BMCC who added the college to the body of the wikipedia page. This is when I realized that it was not in the info card and decided to add it. I also tried to add a picture to Flo Milli’s Wikipedia page but had no idea what I was doing.

Day 5: I felt a little more confident this day and attempted to begin creating the wikipedia page for Ayanda Candice Sibanda. I tried to add simple things like her name, age, where she was born and what she did because I had little information on anything else. After many attempts I eventually left it in my drafts because it looked ugly.

Day 6: I felt bad about abandoning the project after talking to someone else about the Women in Red project. I spent the day telling myself I would return to it, only to put it off several more times and procrastinate some more. Eventually, much later that night, I returned to it and made a little more effort. This is when I found a button that made my wikipedia page a little easier to see and understand.

Day 7: I still wasn’t confident in my article and so I decided to do some more research. I searched for what felt like ages but could not find any real information about my Woman in Red. I spent the time dedicated to the project accumulating as many sources as I could, most of which were from sites with a Zimbabwean or Australian domain.

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Black Panthers Revisited: A Film Review

Black Lives Matter Protest in England

The New York Time’s Op-Doc Black Panthers Revisited was extremely insightful. It proved to be an important reminder of how the goals of the Black Panther Party are still addressed today. In all honesty, the film left me feeling slightly upset or agitated, simply because of the striking similarities between then and now. The film was talking specifically about the protests of 2014 around the same topic, which is why I feel such frustration knowing that the protests and the need to protest has resurfaced again in 2020. Another feeling I got from this, however, is optimism, because of the increased interest in this issue by more diverse groups of people, and the large following it seems to have today. One can only hope that all this effort is not for nothing, and that one day we will achieve the goal that decades worth of generations have fought so hard for.

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Interview Questions

Hello! My name is Summer Green and I am a freshman here at Baruch College. The interview question I will be telling you about is as follows: “What do you consider the greatest threat to your happiness?”. The answer to this question is much simpler than you may think, thought I have to tell you a short story to get there. I consider myself the greatest threat to my own happiness. I feel like the years following 2020 and the pandemic have been surrounded around the idea of self awareness and getting to know who you are and how you think. I used to feel like my mood was dependent on the factors around me. Things as little as the weather used make me feel better or worse. Recently I’ve broken out of this mentality. I now refuse to let others affect the way I feel— the way I carry myself. However, this has also opened my eyes to how often I tend upset myself. Removing the blame from outside factors has put a spotlight on what’s on the inside. I’m dramatic and I tend to overthink, but I do not consider those to be negative traits. I actually appreciate that about myself, and consider it being mentally prepared for the worst. Becoming aware of this has allowed me to better control my mindset. I decide how I feel, and I decide how to handle those emotions. I’ve decided in some situation to just… not get upset, and I continue to practice these techniques. Next on the list is learning how to avoid self-stress :).

In class, Ray and I talked about several of the interview questions but the one I will focus on is “What would you like to accomplish this semester?”. We agreed on the answer to this question, as he said that he would like to be more organized in order to stay on top of things. He mentioned going back to review materials as necessary in order to be as efficient and productive as possible.

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