Why revisiting the Black Panther revolution resonates today

This video was an interview on Stanley Nelson the film that he made. Stanley Nelson talk about how he black panthers were being misunderstood. The film that he made were to explain what had happened before with the black panthers. He also talks about how music in a film are one way to make the audience feel how it was like back then. He then talks about how people might thinks black panthers party’s were something outside of civil rights but he thinks that it is part of the civil rights movement. I think making a film that talks about black panthers are a good way of explaining and stopping the misunderstanding of the party. It’s also an easier way for people now to understand and feel what it was like before.

At first I thought the movies was going to be not boring/not attractive but as it goes on I found it pretty interesting. It wasn’t just giving information about the panthers. It’s actually grabbing the audience into the movie. While watching I’m able to feel the feelings the emotions that the actors are trying to give and shown. The movie shows the leaders of the black panthers and struggles that the panthers are facing from the FBI. Throughout the whole movie the FBI is trying all different ways to kill the leaders of the panthers. They had ask the member called bill where the panthers are. The FBI went in the apartment start shooting the guns at everyone. Calling them out and then they went up to Fred who was being drugged. Fred ‘s wife who is 8 month pregnant was told to get out the the room and by the time she walked out they had killed Fred. This shows the brutality and violence of the FBI. They seems to wanting to hide something to brainwash people from thinking like the black panthers. Trying to avoid the black panthers in helping other getting their equality and rights.

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4 Responses to Why revisiting the Black Panther revolution resonates today

  1. ADAM MAPOY says:

    I agree with the points that you and the video made, and how the Black Panthers were misunderstood as a whole. In my film review, I watched a video debunking the belief that Black Panthers are similar to the KKK, as they are completely different.

  2. ETHAN JUSINO says:

    I also agree with what has already been stated. I do remember in class that we talked about just how different the Black Panther Party was compared to the KKK. They weren’t fighting to be racist back , they were fighting to improve the ghettos and areas where a majority of it was black people.

  3. EVAN RIVERA says:

    Stanley Nelson does make a strong point when he said the Black Panthers were very misunderstood. They strongly supported rights for African Americans which was pretty much the same as civil rights. They were far from the KKK simply fighting for the good cause.

  4. MIA MUNOZ says:

    I like all you mentioned and I think this video can be introduced to schools learning about this movement so they get the right idea.

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