Film: These women were the unsung heroes of the Black Panthers Party

I chose this film because I was interested in the impact that women had in Black Panther Party. Although the video is short, it shares the most significant/important information, despite the fact that it doesn’t mention all women. First, Elaine Brown, the chairwomen of the Black Panther Party (1974-1977), a writer and therefore the editor for the party paper. I like the fact that she has books sharing her experience with the Black Panthe Party. For people that want to know more about the party, this is a great opportunity, knowing that some sites may have wrong or false information. Kathleen Cleaver, a female revolutionary, was involved in the civil rights movement. I noticed that they use the influence they have to help more their community. In the other hand, Angela Davis, writer and feminist, who left the party due to misogyny she experienced. I wonder what would have happen if she stayed with the Black Panther party.

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3 Responses to Film: These women were the unsung heroes of the Black Panthers Party

  1. SUMMER GREEN says:

    I love that you mentioned Elaine Brown as a reiteration of what was said in the video. It was the perfect way to continue to spread sources of correct or reliable information about the black panther party, and it’s even better that it’s a primary source. This video sounds super interesting, thanks for sharing!

  2. AMARI ASANTE says:

    I also ponder the thought of what might have happened if Angela Davis had stayed.

  3. It is genuinely amazing about a community who genuinely wanted change that went beyond their own group. Their perfect world was equal treatment for all. They did anything they could to be part of this movement.

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